14 Must-Follow Vegan TikTok Creators

Published by Rebecca Libauskas.

TikTok is an amazing place for people to share information, build communities, and promote positive change. We have our own TikTok page for all things PETA, vegan, and animal rights. And there are so many other vegan content creators to discover.

From scrumptious recipes to animal sanctuary stories, here are 14 creators to follow on #VeganTok.

Charlise Rookwood (@vegansoulicious1)—The Vegan Guru

Charlise Rookwood shares mouthwatering recipes and ideas. Check out this breakfast featuring vegan bacon. Intelligent, outgoing, and sensitive pigs spend their entire lives in intense confinement inside cramped, filthy warehouses. When you choose vegan bacon, you refuse to bankroll pigs’ suffering.


I’m at a loss for words …. I couldn’t even do a voiceover! @tfbakonstrips bacon is the WINNER 🏆✨🔥🧑🏾‍🍳🙌🏾 You know I love @justegg waffle 🧇 this 🌱 bacon took it too another level! Don’t ask me a million questions about ingredients just follow @thrillingfoods on IG and check em out 🙏🏾 thank me later 💋 Have a blessed Saturday 🎙️ @luthervandross my king 👑 Keep pushing against the flow 🌊

♬ Superstar – Luther Vandross

Dan McKernan (@danmckernan)—Sanctuary Man Dan

Dan McKernan, the owner of Barn Sanctuary, has dedicated his life to providing a haven for rescued animals. He has nearly a million followers, and his friendships with animals will warm your heart.

Dan allows us to look behind the scenes and meet some animals he cares for, like Cora and Henry. He also offers interesting facts, such as the natural lifespan of cows—which is 20 years.


I rescued a cow who was deemed ‘useless’ #animals #farm #animalplanet

♬ Stories 2 – Danilo Stankovic

Bianca Taylor (@biancataylorm)—Inspiring Change One Post at a Time

Bianca Taylor is making waves in the vegan influencer scene. She offers helpful posts, like “What I eat in a day,” as well as fitness inspiration.


Hope this gives you some inspo on how easy being vegan can be 🌱 to work wirh me juat head to my profile 🏋🏻‍♀️ #veganfitness #whatieatinaday

♬ original sound – Bianca Taylor

Bianca encourages others to be healthy by being vegan. Leading health experts agree that going vegan is the best thing we can do for our families and for ourselves. And vegan eating supports a lifetime of good health and protects against numerous diseases, including some of our country’s biggest killers: heart disease, cancer, and strokes.

Brad (@bradtheboxer)—Wholesome Vegan Recipes

What’s for dinner? Brad’s got you covered. This fantastic chef has amassed a staggering 2.7 million followers by turning vegan cooking into an art form. His recipes inspire cooks of all levels to whip up delectable vegan dishes. And he does it all with a gigantic smile.


Buddha bowl #cooking #vegan #recipe

♬ original sound – Just brad

When you’re vegan, you’re a friend to animals. Every person who goes vegan can spare nearly 200 animals per year.

Elisha and Renee Herbert (@herberttwins)—Double the Vegan Fun

These charismatic twin sisters don’t just share DNA—they also share a passion for being vegan. Their dynamic content showcases the joys of being kind to animals in style.

One example is their delicious vegan lasagna roll recipe. You help cows when you swap dairy for vegan cheese. To force cows to produce milk, farm operators typically impregnate them using artificial insemination every year. And shortly after birth, farmers separate mother and calf, causing them both distress. So don’t be tricked by “humane” labels.


The best dish for a dinner party Ingredients ⁃ 1 onion ⁃ Lasagna noodles ⁃ 1 cup vegan ricotta ⁃ 3 garlic cloves ⁃ mushrooms diced (as much as you like) ⁃ fresh spinach (as much as you like) ⁃ 1 jar of marinara sauce (half for the bottom half for the top) ⁃ Salt and black pepper to taste Vegan cheese sauce ⁃ 3 cups of any plant based milk ⁃ 3 tbsp nutritional yeast ⁃ 2 tbsp tapioca flour ⁃ 1/2 tsp onion flour ⁃ 1/2 tsp garlic powder

♬ Speed Drive (From Barbie The Album) – Charli XCX

Jonathan Roehm (@jonathan.roehm)—Humor and Vegan Living

Jonathan Roehm’s witty take on life has earned him a following of 2.6 million. He uses his platform to advocate for animals, like when he showed his viewers the grim reality of glue traps—one of the cruelest methods of killing animals.


#duet with @tyxtydzswjm please dont do this

♬ 原聲 – Sunman

A glue trap can ensnare any small animal wandering across or landing on its surface. Animals trapped in the glue panic and struggle as the glue tears off their fur, feathers, or skin. Some break bones or even chew off their limbs as they desperately try to escape.

Andrea Hannemann (@earthyandy)—Plant-Powered Mama

In the heart of Hawaii, Andrea Hannemann prepares tasty vegan meals for her five children—showing that compassionate meals make for a thriving family. On this page, caretakers can find recipes that kids love.

According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, carefully structured vegan meals suit all stages of life, including pregnancy, breastfeeding, infancy, childhood, and adolescence.


Thinking of showing my breakfast every day this week, what do you think?? #wellnesstips #vegan #veganrecipes #fyp #smoothiebowl #healthchallenge

♬ Taste – Tyga

Zacchary Bird (@zaccharybird)—Cooking and Humor

Zacchary Bird’s upbeat approach to vegan cooking sets him apart on TikTok. His culinary skills and relationship with PETA showcase his commitment to making vegan living accessible and enjoyable.

For example, check out his dad’s school lunches for lunch prep ideas.


making dad’s school lunches day 1: tofu fried rice

♬ original sound – zaccharybird

Hannah Weseloh (@hannahweseloh)—Cruelty-Free Curator

Hannah Weseloh’s TikTok profile is a hub for cruelty-free makeup and vegan product reviews. Her focus on ethical beauty and delicious plant-centered cuisine provides valuable content for her followers.


Have you tried, need to know your thoughts?? #vegan #veganegg #veganfood

♬ original sound – Hannah Weseloh

For more cruelty-free products, check out our searchable database of companies that do and don’t test their products on animals. We list over 6,300 companies that don’t test on animals, including grocery store staples like Dove, e.l.f, and Herbal Essences.

ShantayeP (@guesswhosvegan)—Vegan Living Rock Star

Shantaye’s TikTok content revolves around being vegan. Check out her tips on how she stays vegan—which is easy-peasy. Grocery stores are stocked with delicious fruits and vegetables, and they now carry plenty of meatless options, too—including veggie burgers.


How I Stay Vegan 🌱 All info is linked in bio #vegan #fyp #veganism #plantbased

♬ On My Mama (Official Sound) – Victoria Monét

Orim (@orim)—Vegan Role Model

Orim’s TikTok account is dedicated to sharing creative vegan recipes. She also gives excellent pointers on nutrition, like when she discussed amino acids in vegan foods.


Replying to @tara mueller i dont know who keeps spreading this lie that complete protein is only found in animal products but they need to be stopped lol #vegan #veganism #plantprotein #completeprotein #essentialaminoacids #foryou

♬ original sound – Orim

Dietitians confirm that plant-based foods contain a variety of nutrient profiles, and most vegans get their daily dose of complete proteins without even trying.

Joanne L. Molinaro (@thekoreanvegan)—Korean Vegan Virtuoso

Joanne L. Molinaro, known as “The Korean Vegan,” shares traditional Korean recipes with a vegan twist. Her partnership with PETA reflects her dedication to advocating for animals and promoting compassionate cuisine.


Music by @thepianoprofessor. #fyp #korean #koreantiktok #cooking #koreanfood #vegan #baking #fypシ #foryoupage #foryou #easymeal #itstartsontiktok

♬ original sound – Joanne L. Molinaro (이선영)

Laura Clery (@lauraclery)—Veggie Comedy Queen

Laura Clery is a down-to-earth, talented comedian and vegan TikTok star. Her collaborations with PETA demonstrate her dedication to spreading awareness about the benefits of vegan living.


Post death wish for founder & president of PETA… #idiotpodcast new ep up now

♬ original sound – Laura Clery

Lexi Griswold (@alexisgriswoldd)—Inspiring Vegans

With a heart as big as her following, Lexi Griswold stands out as a vegan to follow. Her platform spreads the word about vegan goods, making it easier for viewers to ditch animal-derived products.

An example is her video exposing gelatin, which is made from boiling skin, tendons, cartilage, ligaments, or bones—typically taken from cows, pigs, or fish—in water.


Do you know what gelatin is ?? #vegan #plantbased #woketiktok #food

♬ original sound – Alexis Griswold

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