Astellas Pharma’s treatment for hot flashes and sweats approved

Astellas Pharma Inc. made the announcement today (December 11) that the EC, on December 7, approved Veozatm (fezolinetant) 45mg once daily for the treatment of moderate to severe vasomotor symptoms (VMS) associated with menopause.

Rossella Nappi is full professor of obstetrics and gynecology, chief of the Research Center for Reproductive Medicine and director of the Gynecological Endocrinology & Menopause Unit, IRCCS San Matteo Foundation, University of Pavia.

She said: “I’ve been awaiting the marketing authorization of fezolinetant. I’m happy to see this advancement in women’s health and that my patients will soon have this new non-hormonal treatment option available to better control their moderate to severe VMS.”

VMS, also known as hot flashes and/or night sweats, are common symptoms of menopause. Worldwide, more than half of women 40 to 64 years of age experience VMS, with rates in Europe ranging from 56% to 97%.

Menopausal women in Europe

The prevalence of moderate to severe VMS in postmenopausal women in Europe has been reported at 40% and has been shown to have a disruptive impact on women’s daily activities and overall quality of life.

Marci English, vice president, head of BioPharma Development at Astellas, said: “Fezolinetant’s novel mechanism of action targets the root cause of moderate to severe VMS associated with menopause.

“We are proud to have developed an innovative treatment option for a condition that has lacked scientific advancement for too long and look forward to making fezolinetant available in countries across the European Union.”

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