Best temperature to wash bed sheets so they don’t need to be washed as regularly

Most people take a shower or wash their face before going to bed. Some even change their pyjamas daily or every other day. Yet, few think about their bed sheets.

Bed sheets may not always look dirty, but that doesn’t mean that bacteria aren’t lurking.

In fact, research has proven that bacteria linked to pneumonia and gonorrhoea start growing in your bed within seven days if not properly cleaned.

British bed retailer Time4Sleep conducted a survey which revealed that one in four people wait as long as one month to wash their bedding.

If bed sheets are not washed at the right temperature, bacteria and germs can still thrive even after doing laundry.

To set the record straight on what temperature bed sheets need to be washed at, experts at Melt have shared their thoughts.

They noted that although many people wash their sheets and towels at lower temperatures in good faith that they’re cleaning them properly and helping the environment at the same time, it “won’t destroy the bacteria”. 

While washing at a lower temperature is better for the environment from the point of view of energy consumed, there are more factors to consider.

They continued: “A hot wash, at 60°C is the ideal temperature as it will kill the bacteria, germs and fungi that build up on sheets. 

“Wash them on a hotter cycle and you won’t need to wash them as often.

“On a lower temperature wash some bacteria will remain on your laundry. This means it will smell more quickly.”

That being said, make sure to check the wash labels first to ensure it is ok to wash the bed sheet at 60 degrees – especially if they aren’t made of cotton.

Linens experts at Belledorm claim that 40°C tends to be the “optimum temperature” to wash bed sheets.

They added: “If, however, you’ve left your sheets a little longer than you should have, consider a higher wash, especially in cold and flu season.”

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