Best Truck Brands: Who Makes The Best Pickup Truck?

But, in case you were wondering, the Maverick can haul 1,500 pounds, while the Santa Cruz can only manage 1,411 lbs. Both cars hit their maximum towing capacity when equipped with turbocharged engine options. The Maverick can only tow, 4,000 lbs, while the Santa Cruz can pull an additional 1,000 lbs.

The Ford Maverick gives the Santa Cruz a sucker punch in the fuel economy department. No hybrid Hyundai is available, so the best it can do is 23 mpg combined. The Maverick, equipped with a hybrid powertrain, can easily achieve 37 mpg.

Both tiny trucks also live up to the comfortable cabin standard. From the base trim, both the Maverick and Santa Cruz have air-conditioning, a touchscreen interface with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and decent sound systems.

In this case, the people have spoken, and the Maverick is the winner. It’s roughly $3,000 cheaper than the Santa Cruz, and the public loves that hybrid powertrain option.

Chalk one up for the American brands.

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