Bitcoin-Themed ORDI Token Pumps 600% To Hit $50, Which Bitcoin Alternatives Will Explode Next

The Ordinals (ORDI) token, used to pay fees and incentivize participation on the Ordinals Protocol platform, has seen a massive 600% price surge in the past month.

ORDI is now trading just below the $50 level, leading it to become one of the top trending cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap.

This article will examine the recent performance of ORDI and speculate on which other Bitcoin-linked cryptocurrencies could see similar upside moves soon.

The ORDI Frenzy – Key Catalysts Behind Token’s 600% Surge

ORDI has been in the limelight since the beginning of November for several reasons.

Firstly, the token was recently listed on major exchanges like Binance, KuCoin, and, which substantially increased visibility and accessibility for investors.

The listing on Binance, in particular, brought a flood of new trading volume, with spot volumes now sitting above $1 billion daily.

There has also been growing hype around ORDI’s unique value proposition of allowing developers to build NFTs directly on the Bitcoin network.

This has attracted significant interest as more investors look to tap into the potential of Bitcoin-based NFTs.

More broadly, the overall crypto market has rallied in the past two months, lifting most major coins.

Bitcoin itself is now trading above $42,000, which has indirectly affected the buzz around ORDI.

These interlinking factors of increased visibility, market conditions, and trading volumes have helped power ORDI’s 600% rise.

The token was even covered by popular YouTuber Chico Crypto, who speculated that “early adopters will make millions.”

Which Bitcoin Alternatives Could Be Next to Explode?

With ORDI’s massive price surge demonstrating the potential of Bitcoin-themed altcoins, investors are now searching for the next crypto asset that could ride BTC’s coattails.

This section will analyze two Bitcoin-linked tokens that could be on the cusp of their own breakouts.

Bitcoin ETF Token Aims to Be Next Breakout Altcoin with Unique Deflationary Tokenomics

One of the most intriguing up-and-coming Bitcoin alternatives is Bitcoin ETF Token (BTCETF).

This ERC-20 token is designed to capitalize on the much-anticipated approval and launch of SEC-regulated spot BTC ETFs.

The key innovation of Bitcoin ETF Token is its deflationary tokenomics, which are directly tied to spot BTC ETF milestones. 

Every time a new spot BTC ETF is approved or launched, 5% of BTCETF’s total supply is burned.

This creates built-in scarcity that could surge the token’s price if demand also ramps up.

Additionally, BTCETF implements a gradually reducing transaction tax synchronized to ETF milestones.

Starting at 5%, this tax will decrease by 1% every time an ETF milestone is hit – for example, when the SEC officially gives the green light to an applicant.

Between the deflationary burns and transactional taxes, holding BTCETF long-term is greatly incentivized for investors.

The project even offers staking rewards, which currently sit at 99% per year.

More than $2.6 million has been raised through Bitcoin ETF Token’s presale, with BTCETF tokens on offer for $0.0062 during the current stage.

According to Bitcoin ETF Token’s whitepaper, the developers plan to launch the token on exchanges like Uniswap once the presale concludes.

With the right ETF catalysts, BTCETF could be a viable Bitcoin alternative for those seeking high-risk, high-reward opportunities.

Interested investors can buy BTCETF tokens at

Bitcoin Minetrix Seeks to Disrupt Crypto Mining Sector with Stake-to-Mine Feature

Another emerging Bitcoin-style token with colossal upside potential is Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX).

This project aims to revolutionize crypto mining through its innovative Stake-to-Mine model.

Holders can earn “mining credits” by staking their BTCMTX tokens, which provide access to BTC cloud mining power.

This groundbreaking setup opens up Bitcoin mining to a much wider audience by eliminating the need for expensive ASIC hardware.

With the cloud mining sector projected to grow exponentially, being able to stake tokens for mining credits could prove to be a profitable approach.

Beyond Stake-to-Mine, BTCMTX staking offers yields of 123% APY, giving token holders another income stream.

As both a simplified gateway to mining and a high-yield staking coin, BTCMTX checks two boxes that could fuel a rapid price surge once the token makes its market debut.

Bitcoin Minetrix is still in its presale phase, yet it has raised over $4.8 million, demonstrating strong investor demand.

Investors have also been piling into Bitcoin Minetrix’s Telegram channel to learn more about the development team’s plans, which include a custom-built Stake-to-Mine mobile app.

Those interested in the presale can buy BTCMTX tokens for $0.012 at

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