Bitgert Launches Electric Car: Price Explosion Expected

Bitgert, a prominent name in the cryptocurrency realm, has taken an audacious leap beyond the digital landscape by venturing into an unexpected territory—the electric vehicle (EV) industry. The revelation came in the form of a teaser video showcasing their maiden electric car, marking Bitgert as the pioneer among exchanges to delve into automotive innovation.

Bitgert is known for its low cost and fast blockchain; along with its other crypto endeavours, it recently announced the launch of its new model, the Bitgert Q-BRISE. The cryptic teaser unveiled through Bitgert’s ‘X’ account on October 14, 2023, ignited a frenzy of speculation and excitement across the industry. The EV market, already bustling with established players, received an unexpected disruptor in the form of an exchange platform, making a foray into a traditionally non-related field.

The launch event became the focal point of anticipation among enthusiasts, investors, and industry experts alike. The teaser provided a glimpse into what appears to be a sleek and futuristic car that promises to deliver high performance, low emissions, and smart features, a blend of futuristic technology and sophisticated design.

BRISE’s value experienced a significant surge of 70+ % following the announcement of Bitgert’s EV venture. This hike in trading price, attributed directly to the launch announcement, highlights the market’s enthusiasm and confidence in Bitgert’s bold move. Analysts predict that the demand for the Bitgert Brise will be higher and that the Bitgert token (BRISE) price, which is used to pay for the Bitgert services and rewards, will skyrocket. 

Market analysts foresee a radical transformation in Bitgert’s perception within the crypto sphere. The entry into the EV market diversifies their portfolio and paves the way for exploring new revenue streams. Furthermore, should Bitgert embrace cryptocurrency payments for their EVs, it could catalyze a surge in the value and usage of their native coin, Bitgert Coin (BRISE).

The Bitgert team is confident that the Bitgert Q-Brise will revolutionize the EV market and create a new era of mobility and sustainability. To learn more about the Bitgert Q-Brise and the Bitgert token, visit – 




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