Call for volunteers to test ground-breaking psychedelic treatments

Clerkenwell Health, a leading provider of mental health research, has today (November 28) called for volunteers for the trials which will be looking at whether psychedelics can provide effective treatments for complex mental health conditions.

Ideally, the company would like to recruit a diverse group of volunteers, from right across the country and aged between 18-65, to take part in the trials if they suffer from a relevant condition.

The trials, conducted at Clerkenwell Health’s purpose-built facility near Harley Street in London, are being run in partnership with a number of world-leading drug developers to test whether psychedelic drugs – often combined with talking therapy – can offer a new approach to treating a variety of mental health illnesses.

Regulated psychedelics

The trials are designed to try to find cures for a range of conditions, including PTSD​, depression, alcohol use disorder, anorexia, and post-partum depression. Many of the conditions currently have few options for seriously improving the quality of life of patients and avoiding relapse. Clerkenwell will use methods of combining powerful but regulated psychedelics with therapy would look to treat the problem more holistically, providing long-term quality-of-life returns for patients.

According to MIND, approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will be affected by a mental health condition each year and with a significant rise in people contacting mental health services in recent years, the company says there has never been a more desperate need to identify new and innovative treatments. 

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