Christmas 2023: No-bake dessert ideas to make with your kids

Christmas 2023: The holiday season is here, and we are basking in joy and festivities. This is that time of the year when people get together with their family, friends and loved ones. They return home from faraway lands to celebrate the special time of the year with their near and dear ones. Homes are decorated in lights and décor; people bake and cook special dishes for their loved ones and the happiness of togetherness lights up their faces. Streets are decked up in colours and lights, Christmas trees are set up in homes and people learn about the joy of togetherness, family and love.

Christmas 2023: No-bake dessert ideas to make with your kids(Unsplash)

Christmas is the time when special bakes are done. However, no-bake desserts are a good idea during this time to ensure that we do not spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and instead spend it with family. Baking with kids can be fun with them being our helping hands. Here are two no-bake dessert ideas that can be made very easily, all the while making it fun for the kids at home.

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Peanut butter bars:


6 tbsps peanut butter

6-8 sweet butter biscuits

3 tbsps butter

1 cup sugar

1½ cups chopped dark chocolate

¾ cup fresh cream


In a grinder jar, break the biscuits and grind them and keep them aside. Then heat peanut butter with butter and sugar till it melts. Melt the chocolate and keep it aside. Add the powdered biscuit to the butter mixture and mix everything together. Pour the mixture in an aluminium tray and set it and refrigerate it. Mix the molten chocolate with cream and pour over the peanut butter mixture. Refrigerate till its firm, and then cut into small bars and serve.

Mango Cheesecake:


Italian lady fingers (savoiardi) as required

Mango juice for dipping

¾ cup cream cheese

¾ cup hung yogurt

1½ cups mango pulp

¼ cup condensed milk

¼ cup powdered sugar

3 tbsps melted veg gelatin

1 cup whipped cream + for piping

90 grams veg mango jelly mix


Dip savoiardi in mango juice and line the cake tin with it. Then in a large bowl, take cream cheese, hung yoghurt, mango pulp, condensed milk, powdered sugar, veg gelatin and whipped cream and mix everything together. Pour it in the cake tin and refrigerate for about three to four hours. In a bowl, take veg mango jelly and one cup of cooled boiled water and mix the jelly. Pour the jelly mixture on the cake and refrigerate for two to three hours. Take the cake out on a serving plate, garnish with whipped cream and serve.

(Recipe: Sanjeev Kapoor, Chef)

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