Combogesic IV – a new era of opioid-free pain relief medication?

This new medication, approved by the US FDA in October 2023, combines 1,000 mg of acetaminophen and 300 mg of ibuprofen to address mild to severe pain in adults.

The introduction of Combogesic IV offers healthcare providers in the US an innovative and non-opioid option for pain management. The American Society of Anesthesiology (ASA) emphasizes the importance of a multimodal approach to pain management, and this new medication aligns with that recommendation.

It combines active drug substances with different mechanisms of action in a single formulation, providing shorter onset to analgesia, superior analgesia efficacy, and sustained pain-management results. The goal of this multimodal approach is to optimize pain relief by harnessing additive or synergistic effects.

Notably, in a Phase 3 clinical trial, Combogesic IV demonstrated promising results by providing more than double the pain relief compared to acetaminophen IV and ibuprofen IV alone. Additionally, it exhibited a shorter time to meaningful pain relief, further reinforcing the potential efficacy of this medication in addressing patient needs.

The impact on multimodal pain relief therapies

This innovative medication fills an essential gap in pain management by offering a synergistic effect through the combination of active drug substances with different mechanisms of action.

Dr Bill Larkins, president of injectables at Hikma, highlighted the importance of this approval, he said: “The approval of Combogesic IV is an important step in providing hospitals and healthcare providers in the US with an alternative treatment option for managing patients’ pain. This is another example of how we continue to expand our portfolio of critical medicines and we are pleased to make this important new treatment option available for patients, helping to put better health within reach, every day.”

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