Designer Fiat 500e Trio From Iconic Fashion Designers Will Fetch A Fortune

Inside, you’ll find a mix of cloth and leather upholstery, but the phenomenal 3D dash design is arguably the highlight of the cabin. In keeping with the company’s eco-friendly ethos, most interior finishes have been made from 100% recycled polypropylene.

“It is rare for an automaker to combine efforts with the most iconic Italian brands of three different sectors, fashion design, furniture design, and luxury, to create something truly unique that combines art with an earth-friendly message, making the cars available through auction is even more unusual,” said Olivier Francois, CEO of Fiat.

Fiat wants to make a splash in North America with these unique models. Simon de Pury will conduct the auction. Interested customers who cannot attend the live event are encouraged to register to partake in online and phone bidding, as well as pre and absentee bidding.

The new Fiat 500e should be a hit with trendy consumers, but these three will make an even bigger statement when spotted in America’s chicest areas.

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