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UPDATE: Fortnite developer Epic Games has taken the game offline for update 30.10 server maintenance. According to Epic Games, the new update adds the Tow Hook Cannon, which lets players ride behind vehicles after successfully attaching to the bumper.

ORIGINAL: After delaying the latest Fortnite update by a few days, Epic Games is finally ready to release version 30.10 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC, Android and Nintendo Switch. Fortnite update 30.10 has a June 13 release date and a 9am BST UK launch time. Unfortunately, however, while the update will be available to download at 9am, players won’t be able to jump back into the action until after a period of server downtime. Fortnite update 30.10 downtime will begin at around 8.30am BST UK time when matchmaking will be disabled. The game should be back online at around 11am BST, although some maintenance takes a little longer. Daily Express will keep this article updated with all the latest developments, so keep checking back for a look at all the new features and gameplay tweaks.

The news was announced by Epic Games on X, alongside a preview about what to expect from update 30.10.

“We’re off to never-never land!” reads the latest Fortnite social media post.

“Downtime for v30.10 starts at 4:00 AM ET with matchmaking disabled a few minutes prior.”

As you can see from the tweet above, the new Fortnite update will introduce Metallica into game modes like Battle Royale.

After headlining the latest Fortnite Festival update, Metallica will join the Fortnite item shop, and also have their own POI.

According to Epic games, a floating Metallica Loot Island will rift from a hole in the sky at the midway point of Battle Royale matches. 

The floating island will contain a stage inspired by the M72 World Tour, where players will be greeted by a holographic James, Lars, Kirk, and Robert from the band.

That’s on top of the new Ride the Lightning guitar items, which can be used to create a rideable lightning arc in the sky.

Metallica will also be present in LEGO Fortnite, alongside the new Cozy and Expert modes.

Elsewhere, Super Styles are expected to join the Battle Pass, alongside new items for the shop and lots more. You can read the early Fortnite update 30.10 patch notes below.

Fortnite update 30.10 patch notes…

General fixes…

• Completing the purchase of a Jam Track through the “View More” button may cause you to lose other button functionality in the Shop.

– We’re aware of an issue where completing the purchase of a Jam Track through the “View More” button may cause you to lose other button functionality in the Shop.

Battle Royale…

• The setting ‘Lock Input Method as Mouse’ is not working correctly

– The Lock Mouse Input setting may not function as intended

• Daily Quest background appears empty

– When completing all the Daily Quests, the background appears empty.

• Players that use any form of Nitro and land in water will lose their fall damage immunity.

– We’re aware of a bug where players that use any form of Nitro and land in water will lose their fall damage immunity.

• Some Cosmetic Bundles May Not Appear in the Shop while viewing on PS4.

– Players may be unable to see some Cosmetic Bundles while viewing the Shop on a PS4 device. We’re working through this and it will be fixed in a future game update.

• Unable to jump or mantle after using consecutive Jam Loops.

– Players may become unable to jump if they begin a Jam Loop and swapping to another one while trying to Jump.

LEGO Fortnite fixes…

• Players’ vehicles get stuck

– Players’ vehicles may become stuck in the terrain when transitioning away from the Star Wars island

Rocket Racing fixes…

• Tracks sometimes have unexpected collisions

• Locker’s Vehicles – SUV/Truck and Sports Cars sections changes to a different background color when navigating through the cosmetics options

• While the SUV / Truck Locker category is set as primary vehicle, the players Sports Car appears instead of the Behemoth Car Body upon entering a Rocket Racing island

Fortnite Festival fixes…

• Players’ New High Score may show as “-100%” after a Jam Track ends.

– At times, players can get a “Top -100%” notification when getting a new high score.

• Controllers vibrating even though vibration is toggled off.

– Players may be experiencing enabled vibration even after deactivating it in the Settings tab.

Save the World fixes…

• Wildlife do not eat consumables.

– Both tamed and untamed wildlife do not go for consumables – either when they are hurt or at full health.

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