Four ‘hidden energy drainers’ adding to your bills – simple switches to save money

There are many ways people can save money when it comes to energy bills.

This includes turning appliances off standby and switching to LED lights.

To help further, Energy Saving Trust has shared little-known mistakes which waste energy.

1. Using the wrong appliance when cooking

If cooking a meal for one or two, having to preheat a whole oven could be a huge drain on energy.

The experts at Energy Saving Trust said: “For example, cooking a 600g chicken breast in an air fryer costs £0.14 in Great Britain and £0.21 in Northern Ireland.

“Cooking the same chicken breast in an electric oven means you pay £0.20 in Great Britain and £0.29 in Northern Ireland.”

This may not seem like a lot but if you consistently use the wrong appliance while cooking, you could be paying quite a bit more than you need to.

2. Filling the kettle every time you want a cup of tea

It’s no secret that Britain loves its tea, but if you’re only making one cup of tea, it is recommended to fill the kettle to boil enough water for one up.

Anything else costs around £10 a year, according to the experts.

They added: “The trouble is that many kettles have a minimum water level of around 500ml. That’s more than you need for a standard mug and around twice the amount needed for a teacup.

“You can buy kettles that have a one-cup marker so you know you’re only boiling as much water as you need.”

3. Having a boiler flow temperature set too high

The experts at Energy Saving Trust continued: “Conventional boilers with hot water cylinders need to be set at 65 degrees to keep legionella bacteria away.

“There’s no real good reason to have it set any hotter. It also means your boiler isn’t running as efficiently as it could be, which drives up your energy bills.

“Try lowering your flow temperature to 65 degrees and see how it helps.

“If you have a combi boiler with no hot water cylinder, you can lower this even more. But be ready to turn it up again if your radiators can’t keep your home warm enough during a cold spell.”

4. Not making the most of your outdoor space in the summer

As the days get warmer and sunnier, not taking advantage of the free power of the sun could be costing households. Drying clothes outside is a great way to save energy and money.

If it’s not the weather for drying outside, use a drying rack with lots of space around it in the warmest room of the home.

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