Here’s How The Ford Ranger Raptor’s Fox Live Valve Shocks Work

The internal bypass design has several damping control zones. Here’s how it works: shock fluid bypasses the piston via bleed holes on either side of the ride zone, increasing overall ride comfort. As the shock pushes past the ride zone – and towards the bottom out zone – shock fluid no longer passes through the bleed holes. This forces fluid into the main piston, increasing damping, which is essential when landing a particularly violent jump.

Once the piston returns to the top of the shock, the same thing happens to minimize the effects of topping out. Ford says this system and the Live Valve technology give the Range Raptor “race-level performance.”

As mentioned, the hardcore Ranger adjusts the shocks according to the chosen drive mode. These include “Baja,” “Normal,” “Off-Road,” “Rock Crawl,” “Slippery,” “Sport,” and “Tow/Haul.” Aside from shock absorber adjustment, the different modes also influence the transmission tuning, throttle response, traction control, and the engine.

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