Here’s When Bitcoin (BTC) Price Will Hit New ATH – Rekt Capital Predicts Timeline

Cryptocurrency analyst Rekt Capital has delved into an in-depth analysis of Bitcoin’s current bull market, exploring various key factors and indicators to predict its potential duration and conclusion. With a focus on the four-year cycle, halving events, and the P Cycle Top indicator, the analysis offers insights into the possible trajectory of Bitcoin’s bullish run.

Four-Year Cycle and Halving Events:

Rekt Capital emphasized the significance of the four-year cycle, particularly tied to Bitcoin’s halving events, in understanding the longevity of bull markets. Contrary to prior notions, the analyst suggested that the bull market’s conclusion might align more closely with the first candle of the four-year cycle, pointing towards a potential end around 2025.

Examining historical data, the analyst highlighted patterns indicating bull market peaks typically occurring approximately 500 days after each halving event. Extrapolating this trend, Rekt Capital projected a potential peak for the ongoing bull market between mid-September to mid-October 2025.

P Cycle Top Indicator:

Rekt Capital discussed the P Cycle Top indicator, renowned for identifying market tops, which involves the crossover of two P Cycle moving averages. Despite the significant gap between the moving averages presently, the analyst highlighted their sensitivity to market changes.

Recent fluctuations in Bitcoin’s price underscored the sensitivity of projected timelines. A minor 8% drop led to a notable adjustment in the anticipated bull market peak date. The analyst stressed the importance of closely monitoring these moving averages, anticipating potential shifts due to significant rallies or drops in the coming months.

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