Hyundai Diguising Production N Vision 74 Technology With Kia Stinger Schematics

The patent gets very technical and is more focused on the layout and construction of the rear subframe to accommodate the suspension, twin storage tanks, fuel cell, and other mechanical necessities rather than detailing a new technology. It also makes provision for the battery, hydrogen fuel cell stack, drive motor, and inverter module.

While the diagrams definitely use the body shell of a Kia Stinger, the packaging effectively precludes the use of the rear seats, suggesting a performance coupe is more likely to be used in conjunction with this construction. At present, Hyundai only produces one hydrogen fuel-cell car in the Nexo, but a halo performance coupe could be the perfect way to shift people’s mindsets on the capabilities of hydrogen.

Combined with the crazy tech in the Ioniq 5 N performance EV, and this could be a winner for the South Korean brand.

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