‘I’m a cleaning expert – here are some simple solutions to keep mould at bay this winter’

Mould and damp within the home are caused by excess moisture in the air, with nowhere for it to escape.

It can happen when drying washing without ventilation, taking hot showers with no ventilation as well as cooking with saucepans and frying pans.

Once mould occurs it can be tricky to get rid of, and often leads to other issues such as health complications.

Olivia Young, product development scientist at Astonish, said: “The one word that any homeowner or renter dreads – mould.

“It thrives in conditions that are warm and damp, so your bathrooms are likely to be the most affected place.

“Windows and windowsills can also be prone to mould build-up. This can be especially bad during the colder months if you’ve got your radiators on and there is condensation on your windows from keeping them shut.

“This creates a warm and wet environment that is a breeding ground for mould.

“If left untreated, not only is it unsightly but it can also pose a serious risk to your health, so you must treat it.”

To keep mould “at bay”, the expert recommended some “simple solutions” to introduce throughout the home, including keeping it ventilated.

Even in the cold months, try to keep the bathroom window open for at least 10 to 15 minutes post-shower or bath.

Olivia explained: “This will get rid of any excess moisture quickly, preventing mould gathering.

“If you’re having a repeat problem with mould in one particular area, it might be because the humidity levels are too high.

“You can get a dehumidifier that will help keep the levels low and reduce the risk of mould returning.”

When dealing with mould, the expert recommended remembering the “golden rule” which is the quicker you treat it, the better.

If mould is left, it will only get worse very quickly so make sure to never ignore the issue.

Olivia added: “To successfully get rid of mould every time, opt for the UK’s No 1 Mould & Mildew Remover, which effectively removes mould and mildew stains almost instantly, with no scrubbing necessary.

“Simply spray, leave for a few minutes to work its magic, then wipe. The active formula will prevent the return of any mould and mildew, offering a long-lasting solution to keep your home mould-free.”

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