Internet users hail £1.50 product that ‘works’ for melting stubborn oven grease

The Pink Stuff is available at various shops for a mere £1.50, including Tesco and Sainsbury’s. It works wonders for all types of tasks, both inside and outside the house.

Many of those who viewed the clips were quick to praise the versatility of the product. One person quipped: “Can’t beat pink stuff for cleaning! The best!

Another person chimed in: “I love Pink Stuff, it does work wonders.”

Others were slightly more wary of using the product on glass, however, claiming the paste has caused their oven doors to shatter in the past. 

Though the website of the product doesn’t prohibit the use of Pink Paste for oven doors, it does advise caution.

It also warns not to use the product on a “hot or warm surface” and advises users not to let it dry, suggesting it is okay to use in a cold oven as long as it is cleaned thoroughly afterward.

Experts the Local Expert Cleaning note: “The Pink Stuff cleans ovens, removing grease and grime buildup.

“Its natural ingredients, including sodium bicarbonate and quartz, make in an abrasive cleaner that can penetrate even the most stubborn stains.

“It is a versatile product used on various surfaces including stainless steel, ceramics, and glass.”

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