NFS Unbound Car List: A Guide To Every Ride In The Game

Need for Speed Unbound, known simply as NFS Unbound, was released in the fourth quarter of 2022 as a new racing game published by Electronic Arts. Set in the fictional Lakeshore City inspired by Chicago, Illinois, it is the 25th game in the Need for Speed series. Praised for its animated visual style and absorbing soundtrack, Unbound helped to revitalize the Need for Speed series.

Not everybody loves Unbound’s AI, the emptiness of Lakeshore City, and the rough online mode, though. Still, the initial release was packed with cars, with 143 individual models. BMW, Chevrolet, Lamborghini, and Mercedes-AMG are some of the brands with the best representation in the game, with the best cars gradually unlocked via story progression. We’ve covered the most prolific manufacturers group by group, then looked into some of the other special cars featured in the game.

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