Painful Message To A Cheating Boyfriend: 50 Brilliant Ideas

Being cheated on by a romantic partner is one of the most devastating experiences anyone can go through. The subsequent feelings of hurt, humiliation, sorrow, anger, and disbelief can be overwhelming. To work through these emotions, it can help to write them down in a letter or a text. You can either send a painful message to a cheating boyfriend or just use the exercise as an opportunity to vent.

Sometimes, the best therapy is accepting and acknowledging your feelings and giving them the necessary space. Recovery from cheating and a breakup is a long, tumultuous process, so be patient and treat yourself with the patience and compassion you require to move on. Reading a quote about a cheating boyfriend or sending a painful message to a cheating boyfriend can help you feel heard and not so alone. There is power in the written word, and we are here to help you find your voice and heal in the process. 

What To Say To A Cheating Boyfriend? 50 Examples To Put Your Pain In Words

We are here to help during this difficult time with what to say to your boyfriend when he cheats on you. You can use these as a message to a cheating boyfriend as a guide on what to write and get those hurtful feelings off your chest.

Short, painful messages to a cheating boyfriend 

When you list what to say to a cheating boyfriend, remember that the more succinct and direct, the greater the impact. Some ideal things to say to a cheating boyfriend could be: 

1. Even though I gave you all of my heart, you still betrayed me. I sincerely hope you one day understand how much pain you have put me through

2. I thought we were forever, but our relationship was only a temporary happiness for you. A real man would value what he has 

3. You didn’t just cheat on me — you cheated on us. You broke my heart, and you destroyed our future

4. No more heartbreaking messages. Even my tears have dried up. I would rather face the future alone than with a man who doesn’t value me

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  1. You got greedy and wanted it all, but now you have nothing. How does it feel to feel betrayed for a change?
  1. Don’t think you were a hot stud for cheating on me for so long. You are the worst boyfriend, and I wish I never met you
  1. When a girl asks for loyalty and trust, only a weak man would not fulfill her wishes and give her what she wants
  1. You broke my heart in a million pieces, and I feel betrayed and lonely. I am a good person who can only take so much pain. Please let me go
  1. Sometimes the people you love the most are the ones who treat you the worst. People cheat when they don’t understand what they can stand to lose
  1. Once a glass breaks, it cannot be repaired. There is always the crack. Same with my heart. It will never be the same again

When you send such a breakup message to a cheating boyfriend,  it brings to the fore what he is giving up without allowing for too many excuses and explanations. Protect your dignity and learn instead how to punish a cheating boyfriend emotionally.

“You got greedy and wanted it all, but now you have nothing. How does it feel to feel betrayed for a change?”

Savage quotes for a cheating boyfriend

If you want to know what to say to your boyfriend when he cheats on you to make him feel bad, use any of the following quotes to get your message across in no uncertain terms. You are angry, and you want him to know it! 

  1. The only woman I can still trust is Karma — she won’t disappoint me
  1. I am too good for a toxic person like you. I will let karma take care of you
  1. When a woman steals your man, there is no better revenge than letting her keep him
  1. I would rather be single than be with a cheater. So goodbye and all the best

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  1. One day, when things go wrong for you — and they will — you will realize what you gave up when you gave up on me
  1. All the evidence and red flags, and I still chose to trust you. I refuse to make the same mistake again. You have lost a good woman today
  1. A piece of advice — next time you cheat, remember — you gotta delete those text messages or pay the price
  1. Lucky me! I found out about your multiple love interests just in time. I value my own self-esteem too much to give up any emotional power to a liar like you
  1. I hope you meet someone who is just like you. A cheat. A liar. A person who doesn’t accept responsibility for their actions. This is my wish for you
  1. Thank you for making it easier for me to leave you. Goodbye, your ex-girlfriend

We say, choose an apt quote about a cheating boyfriend to really open his eyes to his lying, devious ways. It’s time to put on the gloves and fight for your dignity! 

Goodbye messages to a cheating boyfriend

If the anger has been spent and all that is left is hurt and disbelief, it can help to gain closure. A final goodbye to someone you love can be more effective than a long, painful message to a cheating boyfriend. 

  1. I sincerely hope you find what you are looking for, and when you do, I hope you finally value what you have
  1. You promised me you would never cheat, and then you went and broke that sacred bond. You went from being a person I trusted to a despicable person
  1. No more crying. No more promises. You are on your own now. I am no longer interested in saving you from yourself
  1. I refuse to be part of this constant drama. Stop playing these mind games and act like a real man for once
  1. A real man would never have betrayed me the way you did. You are the coldest person, and I deserve better
  1. All the promises in the world cannot save our relationship. So, goodbye — the fairytale is over
  1. Even if this hate disappears, I will never forget how small you made me feel with your lying, cheating ways
  1. I don’t want to be your lover. I don’t want to be your friend. I want nothing more to do with you. My well-being is more important than your greedy ways

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  1. I loved you more than I loved myself, so I let things go so wrong. I have learned my lesson — I hope you have learned yours
  1. My heart is too tired to love you anymore

These heartfelt messages can help guide you on how to punish a cheating boyfriend emotionally. Sometimes, just being so honest and vulnerable may help him see what he’s giving up on. And even if he persists with the infidelity, at least you were being truthful through it all.

More on cheating

Powerful messages for a lying boyfriend

What to say to a cheating boyfriend to make him feel bad? We got you. Here are 10 powerful and painful messages to a cheating boyfriend that will show him what you think of his devious, cowardly behavior!

  1. Cheating never ‘just happens.’ You choose to cheat and don’t deserve anyone who treats you with love and respect
  1. I hope your new lady friend is prepared for the tears that will come when you cheat on her, too

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  1. I have no regrets about meeting you. I have no regrets in loving you. I am a good woman who has learned her lesson and will now only look for a real man and not a loser who doesn’t value what he has
  1. Good luck in finding what you are looking for. As for me, I am ready to start dating again and find myself a real man who will never value temporary happiness over a lifetime of love
  1. I don’t just want you to feel guilty. I don’t need cheating boyfriend regret. I want your life to be destroyed like you destroyed mine. This hate feels satisfying, and I welcome it after all the tears
  1. Did you honestly think I wouldn’t find out about your cheating? The truth always comes out. Remember that the next time, you hide your text messages and sneak behind a good woman
  1. Never push a good woman to the point where she no longer cares
  1. Most people cheat when they pay more attention to what they don’t have than what’s in front of them
  1. I don’t know what’s worse — your lies or you thinking I will believe them
  1. I may be a good person to forgive a cheating boyfriend like you, but I’m not stupid to let you stay in my life

If you had to choose a quote about cheating boyfriend, this selection is sure to hit where it hurts. There’s no shame in looking for help when you are lost for words and mired in your sadness. Remember, countless people have gone through heartbreak before you and it is possible to make it through. Happiness is waiting — it will just take some time, we promise.

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Hurtful messages to a guy who cheated on you 

High on the list of things to say to a cheating boyfriend are these 10 hurtful messages that get to the crux of the matter — how he made you feel and what he has lost. Don’t hold back on your anger and disgust — you don’t owe the cheat any kindness. 

breakup message to a cheating boyfriend
“Never push a good woman to the point where she no longer cares”
  1. I love it when a lying man gets a taste of his own medicine. The universe works in wonderful ways, doesn’t it?
  1. People cheat. But when a boyfriend cheats, he will never be able to escape the consequences of his actions. Be prepared for what is to come
  1. Cheaters are cowards. A loyal person is not afraid to be honest with his partner. A simple breakup would have been easier to deal with than this passing illusion of happiness. I hope you learn your lesson

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  1. You are in my past. I will not let you gain emotional power over me and my life. We are over, and I no longer want you in my life
  1. I hope to one day forget you were ever in my life. I hope to look back and remember none of this hurt 
  1. I’m glad we are not together anymore. I am a better person without you in my life. I hope one day you are treated as badly as you have treated me 
  1. They say love is blind, and now I know I must have been blind to fall in love with a cheat like you
  1. You treated my love for you as a weakness. You took advantage of my trusting heart. I hope you pay for all the hurt you have caused me 
  1. You continue to hurt yourself and everyone around you every time you cheat
  1. Thank you for being part of the story I use to warn others

Breakups are hard, and breakups because of infidelity are harder to cope with. Dealing with feelings of hurt, disbelief, and rage can overpower you and leave you helpless. Often, writing a breakup message to a cheating boyfriend can help work through these overwhelming emotions. Choosing from this collection of painful messages to a cheating boyfriend could help verbalize your thoughts and feelings and move on to healing. 

If you are cheated on, the natural urge is to ask yourself, how could this happen to me? You tend to examine your past with a fine-tooth comb and review conversations and incidents that could have given you a hint about what your partner was up to. But the reality of the situation is that he cheated and got caught.

Now, the ball is in your court, and you get to decide how to move on. And no matter whether you opt to stay on in your relationship and work things out or break up and leave, healing is a must. We hope you find these guidelines useful in exploring your feelings, venting your emotions, and letting go. Remember, it’s not you, it’s him!

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