Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo Off To Automotive Heaven

90% of the wagons still sold today offer some slightly lifted variant with body cladding and maybe a skid plate or two. Are they all that much more capable than a standard wagon? No, but looks and the idea that it can (possibly) go off-road go a long way.

The silver lining is that we’re still getting the Panamera, even though it’s not a sales darling. In 2022, Porsche only sold 3,483 Panamera, less than the outgoing 718. These sales are much worse than the 911, which managed to move 10,204 in the same timeframe, and a far cry from sales of the Macan and Cayenne, both of which sold more than 20,000.

We imagine this refresh will help to bring things back in line for the Panamera, but despite how loyal its fans are, things aren’t looking good.

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