Refreshed Tesla Model 3 Gets Active Hood For Increased Pedestrian Safety

This technology is not new; Jaguar reportedly equipped the XK (X150) with this technology as far back as 2005. Volvo later introduced a pedestrian airbag on the V40 in 2012. The active hood system has been available on the Model S and Model X in certain regions, but this is the first time it’s available on the baby of the range, the Model 3.

The new Model 3 is still not available in America. It will be interesting to see if it arrives with this feature, as the existing US-spec model doesn’t have it, according to the owner’s manual. It’s not the only new feature the ‘Highland’ has gained during this extensive update.

As shared on X by @tesla_Adri, it seems the EV will benefit from metal door hooks, double-powered dampeners for the trunk, and a center-mounted airbag between the driver and front passenger.

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