The Sultan Of Brunei’s Cars: Inside the World’s Most Opulent Car Collection

The Sultan of Brunei has so many cars in his private collection that if a different one were to be driven daily, it would take around 19 years to work through the entire collection. Valued at around $5 billion and totaling over 7,000 cars, the Sultan of Brunei – also known as Hassanal Bolkiah – has the most envied car collection in the world. However, that number is disputed, with various sources suggesting the collection consists of just under 2,400 cars. Either way, it’s more cars than any family could possibly know what to do with, making Jay Leno’s 180-car collection look decidedly meek.

The collection was assembled with Hassanal’s brother, Jefri Bolkiah (or Prince Jefri), and other royal family members in Brunei, a Southeast Asian country.

When we dug into the Sultan’s collection over a decade ago, it was worth approximately $300,000,000, and it’s continued proliferating since then. Naturally, it’s impossible to discuss every single car, so we’ll focus on a few, bearing in mind that clear photography and final specifications of these cars are often elusive.

We’ve also highlighted a few bespoke models that were once part of the Brunei collection but have since been acquired by new owners, as these provide further insight into the creativity behind many of the commissions.

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