Top three interior trends named – expert’s guidance on how best to style them

Combining TikTok and internet searches, the team at B2C Furniture has found the most in-demand interior trends this season, and that are likely to continue in 2024.

In first place is the Minimalist look, then it’s Cottagecore, and finally Dark Academia. Now, Stacey Clarke at B2C Furniture has shared her styling expertise for each trend.

A minimalist interior involves a cohesive palette that has “airy and light textures with natural elements”.

Colours that come to mind include neutrals such as white and beige which can make the space feel more expansive.

Fresh green plants and brown, wooden flooring could add splashes of vibrancy.

Clarke said: “Open up the space by removing non-essential clutter and moving bulky items that create obstruction.”

Examples of obstructive furniture are where they block pathways or windows. There needs to be a good sense of flow in the living space that is free from clutter.

Cottagecore evokes a sense of sweetness: imagine floral prints and pastel hues. However, the look is grounded by its woodiness that reminds people that, at its root, Cottagecore is all about creating a cosy, country feel.

Clarke said: “To capture the Cottagecore trend, accentuate the space with playful touches.”

Classic patterns, such as gentle-toned florals or gingham print, can work wonders to add pops of colour around the home.

Examples where these patterns would work well include throw cushions and tea towels.

Clarke encouraged playing around with tactile elements to add that cosy feel, such as soft blankets hugging sofas and chairs. “Define seating areas with rugs, and use thicker linen covers on pillows to create that familiar, comfy cottage feel,” said Clarke.

As for Dark Academia, the emphasis is on warm and earthy tones combined with timeless antique furnishings.

Clarke said: “To recreate this aesthetic, opt for dimmer lights, such as candlelights or using warm-toned bulbs on lamps or ceiling lights, to give that gentle and flattering glow.”

Brass ornaments and leather furniture work really well to bring together the Dark Academia feel.

Top 10 interior trends

  1. Minimalist
  2. Cottagecore
  3. Dark Academia
  4. Mid-Century Modern
  5. Quiet Luxury
  6. Japandi
  7. Barbiecore
  8. Maximalism
  9. Goblincore
  10. Fairycore

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