What Is A LoJack System?

LoJack is a stolen vehicle recovery and vehicle connectivity device that allows the user to track their car’s location, recover it in the event of theft, and monitor their car’s health. LoJack was invented and patented in 1979 by William Reagan but was only launched as a company in 1986. Its name was cleverly meant to represent the opposite of a hijack.

Simply put, a LoJack was originally a radio-based system that transmitted the vehicle’s location to a receiver; it also prevented anyone unauthorized from being able to start the ignition in the first place. It has now evolved into a complex, cellphone- and GPS-based system that incorporates a tracking device and a built-in app for user monitoring and advanced features.

LoJack is the only system for vehicle theft recovery that’s fully integrated with federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, allowing your car to be found and retrieved as quickly and efficiently as possible. Unlike standard GPS-based systems that require a direct line of communication with a satellite, the modern LoJack system incorporates wireless radio frequency technology that allows your car to be tracked even in locations such as underground garages where signal may be poor.

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