1986 Chevy Monte Carlo SS With A Five-Speed Stick Shift Is A Real Unicorn

The best part is that Graff got General Motors to agree to help him with his little project. Together, they developed a package to convert an automatic SS model into a five-speed variant right off the showroom.

So, how many of these beauties were built? According to Phillip Madden, the owner of the car, the dealership didn’t keep track of its manual conversions. He further added that he’s only known of one other prototype. Madden’s manual Monte Carlo SS might be the only one still running in excellent condition.

While Madden’s original plan was to LS-swap the Monte Carlo, paired with a six-speed manual gearbox, he might want to hold that thought because he practically owns a gem of a classic. In his own words, he was pleasantly surprised after winning the car in an auction that it had already come with a stick shift.

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