20 Undeniable Signs Your Gym Crush Likes You

In today’s crazy, fast-paced life, there’s no shame in finding your happiness wherever you find it. What with extra-long work hours or maddening study schedules, the only me-time you may have is at the gym. And if you are single, it’s only natural to start scoping out the room for any potential romantic interests. In fact, in a recent survey by MyProtein, it was discovered that while dating apps account for 20% of committed relationships in the US, the gym is responsible for 27%. Now, before you jump the gun and miss out on a true meet-cute opportunity, we have compiled a concise list of all the signs your gym crush likes you! 

Common questions that we receive from readers: How to tell if a girl at the gym likes you? How can you be sure that the guy at the gym is interested in taking you out? Whether it’s small talk or relentless eye contact, these signs will guide you to the answers you need. Once you are sure, don’t be afraid to proclaim: “I have a crush on a guy at the gym” or “Out of all the gymgoers, ‘that’ woman lifting weights is the one.” Take the next step. Initiate conversations. You’ll never know if there’s a future unless you start paying attention and take a few hints of your own, right? 

How To Tell If A Guy At The Gym Likes You — 10 Signs To Pay Attention To

On a Quora thread that discusses whether men prefer muscular women, this user sums it up succinctly, “I also see more than just a strong, muscular woman; I see a strong mind as well. And the two combined? Boom!” So, if you’ve been wondering, “How do I know if my gym crush is interested in me?”, know that what you have going for you at the gym is a double whammy in terms of attraction to many men. 

A gym crush may show interest in an obvious way or only drop a few hints. It’s normal to feel confused and act differently (read: embarrassingly) around him. But never fear; our list of signs that a guy at the gym is interested in you will clear up any doubts and put you both on the path toward a revised relationship status. These are the ten ways to tell if a guy at the gym likes you back: 

1. He pops up everywhere 

How do you know when a gym crush shows interest in you? Here’s what Chris says in a Muscle & Fitness article, “Julie and I met at a CrossFit gym. There was love at first sight, and seeing each other being strong and fit and sweaty didn’t hurt either.” Stories like this are peppered across the Internet. 

One of the signs a guy at the gym is interested in you is that he will ensure he is near you. No matter where you are working out, he appears on your radar. Is he mirroring your workout routine? Even better. Does he walk past often? He likely has the hots for you. If you feel the same way, go ahead and break the ice. Ask him to spot you on your next set of reps. 

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2. “A guy keeps looking at me in the gym” — It’s a sure sign he likes you 

How to tell if a guy at the gym likes you? It doesn’t take a genius to realize that a man who makes frequent eye contact with you definitely likes what he sees. If you wonder, “Why does that guy keep looking at me at the gym?”, now you know. It’s not because you are lifting with a bad posture or your workout gear needs an upgrade. When a crush makes eye contact (and smiles), he’s mentally asking you to pay attention, too. 

3. It’s in his smile 

Many people wonder, “Should I smile at my gym crush? Won’t I be too obvious?” But when you make eye contact with your gym crush, and he smiles at you, you can always recognize that ‘extra something’ there. It could mean he is physically attracted to you and is a good sign that he is genuinely happy to see you among other gymgoers. 

And if you smile back and share the same feelings as him, who knows where this simple step could lead? From “I smile at my gym crush” to “Here’s my partner” — You never know where your story takes you.

4. He likes you if he tries to make you laugh 

People tend to make a good impression on others by being funny and entertaining you with funny stories. When a person laughs, they release a feel-good hormone that easily translates into attraction. So, a definite sign that a guy at the gym has a crush on you is that he’s flirting with you and showing off his sense of humor. 

5. The hot guy at the gym likes you if he comes over to talk to you 

Sometimes, it takes work to start a conversation with the guy you barely know. So when that cute guy at the gym takes the time to stop his workout routine and indulge in some small talk, it’s a sign your gym crush likes you and that he wants to get things moving with you. Pay attention to where he looks when he speaks to you and how often your gym crush asks you questions to get to know you better. Then, make that next move with confidence. 

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6. How do I know if my gym crush is interested in me? He compliments you 

And no, we are not talking about catcalling or showering you with remarks about your body. We are paying attention to how he treats you when you are working out. Does he praise your form? Does he ask for tips regarding your workout routine? Does he mention he’s noticed your killer lifting skills? These are all signs a guy at the gym is interested in you and that he’s likely using these as a segue into a longer conversation with you and asking you out. 

7. He helps you out 

If you want an answer to “How do I know if my gym crush is interested in me?” ask yourself: Does he take the time to help me out? Apart from small talk and eye contact, if your gym crush takes time out of his workout schedule and stops everything to help YOU out, you have a winner on your hands. 

8. He touches you 

Not in a creepy way! It’s more like he wants to initiate physical contact in some form or the other. It may be a congratulatory high five when you better your personal best, or it may be an encouraging pat on your back as you move on to another machine. If the guy at the gym likes you and wants to take the next step in wooing you, physical touch is the obvious indicator of interest. 

9. He shows off when he’s near you — This should tell you he’s attracted to you 

How to tell if a guy at the gym likes you? Frequent eye contact – Tick. Small talk – Tick. Physical contact – Tick. What next? Well, it’s only natural to try and impress your gym crush with your physical prowess by lifting heavy weights and showing off. It’s a tale as old as time, as the male of the species woos the female with his strength. 

A study on social bonds and exercise by Davis, Taylor, and Cohen addresses the increasing evidence that subsequently, exercise influences social bonding and performance positively. So if this display of masculinity appeals to you, go for it, we say.

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10. Your gym crush wants to take this outside the gym

Not like a bar fight, but like a date. When your crush from the gym likes you on social media, asks for your number, and makes plans to meet outside the usual gym space, you don’t have to look for more signs a guy at the gym is interested in dating you. Trust us, he likes you more than you think.

How To Tell If A Girl At The Gym Likes You — 10 Tell-tale Signs

For many, the gym is now a social playground where we make friends and, yes, even lovers. “So, there’s a girl who talks to me at the gym. She makes eye contact, and even a little bit of physical contact is thrown in sometimes. She works out on the same days as me, and there is an undeniable sense of attraction,” writes a 24-year-old reader from Iowa. She adds, “How do I know if my gym crush is interested in me?” Read on and have your suspicions confirmed: 

1. Her eyes follow you everywhere

Frequent eye contact with a gym crush is a good sign that she wants more of you. If you feel she’s paying attention to your workout routine or she makes sure she’s next to you while she works out, take the leap and make small talk to break the ice. In an interview with metro.co.uk, Julia Buckley, a trainer, adds, “If you meet someone who is as into exercise as you are, they’ll be a great match because they’ll understand why you need to make time for it.”

2. She makes friendly conversation

Women tend to play things cooler than men. She may not overtly ply you with compliments, but if she’s into you, you may find her prolonging her time spent with you. One-word answers could extend to questions about workout schedules or how to use a particular machine. Validation may come in the form of asking you for help or advice. The friendlier she gets, your chances of asking her out are higher. All surefire signs your gym crush likes you back.

3. She accidentally bumps into you 

“I don’t think I would have met him if not for that class,” says Jill in an article about couples who found love in the gym. She met her husband at a gym, where they had both signed up for personal training sessions. So, if she turns up on the same days as you work out “by mistake” or is around you when you need the same machine, it’s not really an accident, is it? It’s often a good sign that she wants you to take the initiative and move things to the next level. 

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4. Her body language is a pretty loud confirmation that she likes you

If you keep an eye out and start paying attention to your gym crush’s body language, it can become very apparent what feelings are being conveyed. 

  • Does she lean toward you when you speak?
  • Are those “friendly” taps on the shoulders more frequent?
  • Is the eye contact held for a fraction longer than usual?
  • Also, subtle mirroring of your actions is a sign that the other person is attracted to you

5. There is teasing involved if your gym girl likes you back

Many women try to gauge another person’s interest in them by indulging in light teasing. Playful taps and shoulder whacks, plenty of laughter, and some inside jokes all work toward building a rapport between you two. If they are flirting with boundaries and the teasing remains respectful and fun, you have a sign your gym crush likes you. That’s your green signal to take the next step. 

6. She’s behaving a bit strange 

Hear us out. If the girl at the gym likes you, she may act out of character around you. You’ll find her usually confident self impacted severely – In a funny way. Notice these signs:

  • She may giggle a lot more when you are within earshot
  • She might get clumsy during her workout routine if your presence flusters her
  • Does she get louder than normal when you pass by?
  • Or run faster or lift heavier in a bid to impress you?

Any odd behavior could indicate that she has noticed you and may be nervous about developing feelings for you. 

7. She introduces you to her friends

When a woman goes out of her way to introduce you to her circle of friends, it’s a sure-shot sign that she’s into you. People tend to thrive on the validation of others. And if she likes you, she needs you to be vetted and approved by her close friends. If she’s involving you in her social circle, take it as a compliment and understand that she wants you in her life (and not just at the gym). 

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8. If your gym crush likes you, she feels safe around you while she works out among the other men 

Most women tend to keep a low profile at the gym. They do not want to attract unwanted attention or any “helpful advice” from the gym bros around. Women also tend to be harassed at the gym, so they stay away from many of the men. So, if the girl you have been eyeing up seems okay to catch you staring at her – her body, outfits, workout routine – and in fact, encourages it sometimes, she is attracted to you. Or at the very least, she feels safe around you and wants to pique your interest.

signs your gym crush likes you
If she enjoys all the attention from you, it means she feels in your presence

9. An odd sign your gym crush likes you back: She spends more time with your friend than with you 

Proceed with caution concerning this tip. Some women get tongue-tied and nervous around people they are attracted to. If the girl you have a crush on barely speaks to you but chats easily with your gym friend, take note of her body language signs of attraction. If she spends time with your friend but makes frequent eye contact with you, or if she approaches your friend only when you are with them, these are all signs your gym crush likes you and that you may be the one she really wants to spend time with. 

10. Your gym crush becomes possessive when other women are around 

Hey, everyone’s human. If you spend time with another woman at the gym or an attractive girl walks past, your gym crush may tense up and get defensive. To suss out the situation, she may joke about your “new girlfriend” or tease you about helping every woman in the gym. She could also bring up other women in the conversation if she wants to find out if you are single. All fairly obvious signs your gym crush likes you. 

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And there you have it: 20 signs to know whether your gym crush likes you or not! This handy checklist can help you take the next step with confidence. 

How To Approach A Gym Crush Who Likes You

There’s an unwritten rule about gym life: Creepy advances and unwanted flirting are severely frowned upon. Most people who come to the gym do so to work out. You may become a nuisance if you don’t know how to talk to your crush without being awkward and causing constant distractions or wasting their time with banter and interruptions. Knowing how to read the signs your gym crush likes you and when to approach a gym crush is important. Keep the following rules in mind before you ask them out or hit on them: 

  • Flirting is only acceptable when it’s mutual. If the other person does not respond, back off immediately
  • All boundaries must be respected, physical or verbal. This is a place where you see the same people repeatedly. Treat everyone with respect
  • Give people space. Refrain from overcrowding their workout routine. Do not touch without consent or lean in too close to talk to them
  • Do not distract them from their exercises. This could prove dangerous as well
  • If you are going to flirt, refrain from commenting on their body 
  • Be polite and courteous. The banter and jokes can come in once you both know each other better
  • Introduce yourself sans corny pickup lines or creepy innuendo
  • It’s important to be friendly and open 
  • Be patient and keep it casual 

Key Pointers

  • The gym is the new “It” place to find your soulmate. It is only natural that you develop a crush on that cute gym guy or girl working out next to you
  • However, there are rules to be followed to avoid being a creep, such as not standing too close, being over-familiar, or passing comments loaded with innuendo
  • Some of the signs your gym crush likes you are: They take an interest in your workout routine and strike conversations beyond that, they feel safe around you, they try to impress you with their fitness routine, they get shy or flustered when you’re around, they smile at you often and express interest in meeting you elsewhere
  • Make sure your crush is into you as well before acting on impulse

It’s no surprise that most people consider fitter and active people more attractive. A recent study by the University of Zurich rated the attractiveness of Tour de France participants. The top 10 contestants were rated consistently more attractive than the bottom 10 participants. What this tells us is that the fitter you are, the more you attract the attention of others. So head off to the gym and give it your all. You may not find the love of your life, but you will definitely have a fitter, healthier body! 

We hope we’ve addressed your thoughts of “I have a crush on a guy at the gym” or “Why does a guy keep looking at me in the gym?” And that you now know how to handle your gym crush by now. To sum it up, if you are looking for love at the gym, make sure you make your move only if you know your crush feels the same way. Or else you risk being regarded as a pest or even a stalker. Paying attention to the nonverbal clues can also help you decide whether your crush is actually attracted to you or not. This way, you naturally increase your chances of success in the game of love. Good luck! 

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