3 Best Crypto Money-Making Apps to Try in 2023

The move-to-earn (M2E) fitness app market, already valued at a hefty $551 million, is on an explosive rise, set to reach $1.2 billion by 2028. And it’s not just about counting steps anymore; it’s about earning crypto while you move. In this exciting mix, Genopets (GENE) and Walken (WLKN) stand as the flag bearers, merging health and digital rewards in unique ways. And at the forefront? Step App (FITFI) – a name synonymous with a strong economy, attractive returns, and a solid reputation in the M2E arena. As all these apps blur the lines between fitness and finance, one can’t help but ask: what’s next in this fitness revolution? 

Step App (FITFI): Combine Joy, Fitness and Rewards

Imagine a world where your daily run or walk not only boosts your health, but also your virtual wallet. With Step App, your regular jog can net you anywhere from 5$ to 50$ per session! As the first move-to-earn application that empowered fitness with AI-assisted workouts, Step sets a new standard in the FitFi realm. Bolstered by its stable economy and lucrative ROI for users, the project caters to health enthusiasts and crypto fans alike, regardless of their experience with Web3. Injecting a burst of star-studded excitement, Step App basks in the glowing endorsements of legendary athletes like Usain Bolt, propelling its esteemed market reputation to even greater acclaim.

Transform Your Steps into Tangible Rewards with Step App

In Step, managing your earnings is effortless and subscriptions are available to further personalize your in-app experience and amplify rewards. Here, the magic lies in the FITFI and KCAL tokens – central to the app’s vibrant, contest-filled community and its continuous innovation, they hold potential for appreciation over time. Whether it’s upgrading your workout gear with KCAL or unlocking exclusive features with FITFI, these tokens are ready to enhance your fitness journey. In the run-up of 2024, Step is gearing up to unveil even more exciting features and airdrops, ensuring that both the community and the value of its tokens keep thriving.

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Genopets (GENE): New Update, New Thrills

Genopets (GENE) is adding a dash of excitement with its latest 0.9.0 update: it breathes new life into the game, introducing a thrilling racing mini-game and a fresh in-app shop. Players are now diving into races with their Genopets, battling for leaderboard supremacy and exploring the shop’s unique offerings – like the ‘Morphosphere’ that changes a Genopet’s look, along with cool toys and food for their virtual companions.

Genopets (GENE) is currently hovering between $0.2484 and $5.184. With a 10-day Simple Moving Average (SMA) at $0.5017 and a 100-day SMA at $0.3626, the token’s trajectory seems to be on a bumpy yet hopeful climb. Further support levels are observed at $0.1142and $0.000277, while resistances at $0.6542 and $0.9242 are potential peaks Genopets (GENE) might hit. 

Looking ahead, Genopets (GENE) has a bright future twinkling on the horizon, thanks to growing public interest and its possible inclusion on big-name trading platforms like eToro and Crypto.com. But it’s not all smooth sailing; the token’s current price around $0.5 reflects a steep 45% dip from its 2022 performance. Climbing back from this valley will be crucial for the Genopets (GENE) journey towards success.

Walken (WLKN): Pioneering Solana’s M2E Path

Solana-based Walken (WLKN) is sprinting ahead in the M2E arena, turning heads in its debut year; the app’s latest chapter, The Cuze, intertwines NFTs with puzzle games, all while keeping fitness at its core.. The bold move of burning 28.18 million Walken (WLKN) tokens also signals a serious commitment to shaking things up and keeping the ecosystem vibrant.

Now Walken (WLKN) is dancing between $0.004573 and $0.007417. The token’s current position, nestled between a 10-day SMA of $0.005538 and a 100-day SMA of $0.005246, indicates a careful but hopeful market stance. The next support is found at $0.003121, with a further floor at $0.000277. The $0.008809 resistance lies ahead, with $0.011653 looming as a potential high. 

The future of Walken (WLKN) sparkles with potential, thanks to its innovative approach to FitFi; the app is attracting newbies to crypto through its DeFi links, and the buzz suggests more big exchange listings might be on the horizon. However, it’s grappling with a significant price drop – about 85% from its 2022 highs. Recovering from this dip is key for Walken (WLKN), as it continues to merge tech, health, and finance in its unique stride.


Leading the charge in the M2E revolution, Step App (FITFI) shines with its stable economy and more appealing rewards, overshadowing its counterparts Genopets (GENE) and Walken (WLKN); while these platforms offer innovative fitness-finance fusions, they’re still striving to recover from their yearly performance dips.

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