Adragos Pharma’s Japanese site is ‘sweet spot’ among acquisitions

The company currently has four sites in Livron, France, Leipzig, Germany, Athens, Greece and Kawagoe, Japan. Most recently, Adragos also acquired​ Fresenius Kabi’s Norwegian sterile pharmaceutical manufacturing site, alongside its partner Prange Group.

Crucial to its growth is an emphasis on customer centricity and optimizing new sites, Henny Zijlstra, chief commercial officer at Adragos, told Outsourcing Pharma at CPHI Barcelona 2023​.  

“For every site we take on – we optimize and we invest. When we acquired the sites, they were in a certain shape and form, and we made sure to enhance operations. For example, at our Livron and Leipzig locations, we are installing new manufacturing lines and strongly investing in the current systems.

Henny Zijlstra, chief commercial officer at Adragos Pharma.

“Our Athens site is our development arm and they have a rich history and brilliant track record. After customer feedback, we’ve also just expanded into HP API capabilities. So many clients are asking for it and not many CDMO’s are offering it – so it’s an exciting area to be involved in.”

Zijlstra also describes the Adragos’ Japanese site, which it acquired from pharma giant Sanofi in March, as a ‘sweet spot’ for the company.

Now the third largest pure-play CDMO in the Japanese market, the site has allowed Adragos to differentiate from its competitors and introduce new customers from Europe and North America to the burgeoning Japanese market, Zijlstra adds.

“Without having any of our own business, we are really a neutral player. The team also speaks fluent English which can often be an issue for Europe and US-based companies. We have an excellent team there with a big pharma mentality,” she says.

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