Atropos Health and SEQESTER partner to speed up drug development

Atropos Health translates real-world clinical date into personalized real-world evidence and insights announced its partnership with SEQESTER today (December 14).

Healthcare and life science organizations which use the Atropos Health Evidence Network can establish turnkey patient registries to accelerate evidence generation. This process, the companies say, previously costing millions and requiring up to a year, marks a significant leap forward in speed-to-insight for many underrepresented populations served by registry-based research.

Atropos Health says the partnership builds on its mission of ‘rapidly improving evidence-based insights’ on real-world data to drive better patient outcomes as well as accelerate drug development. Ultimately it says it will save healthcare and life sciences organizations significant time and expense.

Personalized registries

The companies say that members of the Atropos Health Evidence Network will be able to use SEQESTER to create personalized registries that capture the voice of the patient while generating real-world evidence from existing registries in less than 48 hours, closing both the registry time to set-up and evidence time-to-insight.

Ardy Arianpour, co-founder and CEO of SEQSTER, said: “Our partnership with Atropos Health furthers our commitment to progressing healthcare with novel technology and providing real world data and rapid evidence generation accessible to both patients and partners.

“SEQSTER’s operating system acts as a digital front door for patients and researchers.

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