India’s Aamras ranks first in the world’s Best-Rated Dishes With Mango list; find out the rank of Mango Chutney

India made it to the list of the best-rated dishes with mangoes in the world. Aamras ranked number one on the list, and Mango Chutney gained the fifth position. TasteAtlas, an online food and travel guide providing critical reviews and research articles about local foods from around the world, recently shared the list on social media with the caption, “These are the best dishes with mango! What is your favourite?” The list garnered positive reactions from desi netizens, who celebrated seeing Aamras on the list.

According to the list shared by TasteAtlas, Aamras ranks first in the world’s Best-Rated Dishes With Mango list. (Freepik)

World’s Best Dishes With Mangoes list revealed

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According to the list shared by TasteAtlas, Aamras, which is essentially puréed mango pulp typically eaten as a dessert, was ranked first. Followed by Mango Sticky Rice from Thailand, which was ranked second, and Sorbetes from the Philippines was ranked third in the list. Additionally, Aam Dal from West Bengal and Amba from Mumbai made it to the list. Check out the rest of the list below:

4) Rujak (Java, Indonesia)

5) Mango Chutney (Maharashtra, India)

6) Mango Pomelo Sago (Hong Kong, China)

7) Chinese Mango Pudding or Mangguo Buding (Guangdong, China)

8) Rujak Cingur (Surabaya, Indonesia)

9) Baobing (Guangdong, China)

10) Mamuang Nam Pla Wan (Thailand)

11) Som Tam Mamuang (Thailand)

12) Gazpacho de Mango (Andalusia, Spain)

13) Aam Dal (West Bengal, India)

14) Ginger Mango Chicken (Turks and Caicos Islands)

15) Green Mango Salad or Chruok Svay (Cambodia)

16) Nam Pla Wan (Thailand)

17) Amba (Mumbai, India)

18) Rujak Petis (Surabaya, Indonesia)

19) Mangos a la Canela (Tamaulipas, Mexico)

20) Rujak Cuka (West Java, Indonesia)

Internet Reacts

Desi netizens rejoiced after Aamras and other Indian dishes made it to the list. One user wrote, “Bow down for the king, Aamras.” Another commented, “Mango Dal is bae.” “Wow! So happy to see India on the list!” one user posted. While Indians rejoiced, others were shocked by the list. One remarked, “No dishes from Turkey?” A user posted, “No dishes from Greece? Interesting.”

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