Insanely Huge Car Collection In Australia Costs Over $100 Million

We’re no strangers to huge car collections, but Laurence Escalante, an Australian-Filipino business, has probably one of the biggest we’ve seen.

Escalante owns “The LEE Collection” in Perth, Western Australia. As the founder and CEO of Virtual Gaming Worlds (VGW), he began amassing his vast collection of sports cars and supercars during the pandemic.

From a modest beginning of 49 cars, the collection has burgeoned to approximately 120 vehicles, with a projected expansion to around 190 in the next 12 months. Lawrence actively engages with his diverse array of cars, which includes passenger vehicles, GT3 race cars, hypercars, and everyday cruisers, showcasing a remarkable variety of brands. Notably, the collection has a substantial number of Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

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