Kitchen interior design trends set to be huge in 2024 – ‘grey is out’

Abbas Youssefi, managing director at Porcelain Superstore, said there will be lots of styles emerging in 2024.

The expert explained: “Tiles are an absolute staple in the kitchen. They’re not only incredibly practical but clean-cut, which makes them a perfect choice for the kitchen.

“But above being a trend in and of themselves, they’re also an incredibly versatile way to explore interior trends and styles.

“Looking ahead, here are some of the interior trends we expect to see in kitchen makeovers in 2024.”

1. Warm neutral tones

According to the expert, “grey is out” and warm neutral tones are in with beige and stone effects being the most popular.

For floors, warm rustic-style tiles are back in fashion, paired with sleek kitchen cabinets for a modern-rustic look.

The expert said: “However, you don’t have to use ‘rustic’ tiles – you can also opt for modern stone designs for a more contemporary feel. 

“Look for rich, natural colours and soft textures that feel warm and personal, rather than cool and stark.”

2. Patterned tiles

While patterned tiles have always been a popular choice in the kitchen, the patterns are always evolving.

The expert explained: “While geometric tones and designs have had their time in the sun, we’re seeing a shift towards traditional handmade tiles – particularly for walls and splashbacks where the pattern is more likely to draw the eye. 

“This suggests that design fans are looking for dynamic ways to add a touch of character and personality to their kitchen space.”

3. Dark wood tiles

Wood effect tiles have always been a good and popular choice in the kitchen as they’re often more affordable than real hardwood flooring.

They are also super low maintenance, durable and easy to lay as well as clean.

The expert noted: “In recent years, light woods have been in vogue because they create a sleek and neutral floor space. 

“As we head into 2024 however, expect to see the trend to move more towards darker tones with more character. 

“Darker woods create a sense of depth and personality, making it a great choice for anyone who wants to make their kitchen feel warm and truly lived in.”

4. High drama

Marble is more of a staple in the kitchen rather than a trend, but the expert said the designs are evolving.

Abbas added: “Rather than pristine white marbles with grey veins, or black with white, we’ll see more designs that play with colour and structure. 

“Burgundy veins on white give boldness and confidence while staying on the right side of luxury. It’s a perfect choice for a feature theme and works well on both walls and surfaces.”

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