Lindus Health and Thirty Madison’s pilot dermatology study

Treatments for various skin conditions, including atopic dermatitis (eczema), can be sought via the platform through asynchronous evidence-based consultation, patient-reported monitoring, and provider messaging. Using before and after photos of patients, their progress can be monitored.

A study by the National Eczema Association​ in the US revealed that just under 60% of eczema patients are interested in participating in a clinical trial for the condition but fewer than 10% have done so.

The trial of the Facet platform is being remotely run, with Lindus Health responsible for delivering the study, including data capture and management through their proprietary EDC, statistical analysis, and project management.

Neil Parikh, chief medical officer of Thirty Madison, said: “We are excited to continue to leverage Thirty Madison’s asynchronous telehealth platform to accelerate access to the care continuum – from specialists who support a patient’s clinical journey, to a patient’s ability to participate in research studies that advance the treatment landscape.

“While this study was a small pilot, we are encouraged by the diversity of participants in the study – especially in the area of eczema – where we really need more diverse patient representation.” 

Lindus Health’s uses its software platform, clinical operations team and access to 30 million electronic health records to achieve its aim of improving health for everyone. The company deals with the end-to-end execution of clinical studies, including design, patient recruitment, clinical data capture, monitoring and project management.    

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