‘Motherhood makes me a stronger, more compassionate employee’

We discussed what drew her to the field, her career up to this point, and what she’s excited to see for the next generation of women looking to join the field.

BPR: Could you give us an overview of your work?

I am the director of eCOA Science at Clario, a leading healthcare research and technology company that generates the richest clinical evidence in the industry for our pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device partners.  

Our team specializes in clinical outcome assessment strategy, and provides industry-leading scientific, experience and thought leadership, to deliver on our client promise: to generate the high-quality data that their study needs​. We tailor studies to the specifics of the patient and condition, reducing the patient burden and improving patient engagement. We recommend optimal data capture methodologies for clinical trials, ensuring that technology and data meet the most stringent quality, regulatory and safety standards.

One of the remarkable aspects of my work is that I interact with many different stakeholders in the clinical trial industry. From collaborating with pharmaceutical and biotech companies sponsoring drug development programs to the CROs (clinical research organizations) overseeing clinical trials, connecting with sites, physicians, and occasionally patients, my work involves dynamic interactions with various players in the field.

BPR: When did you realize you were interested in science (as a young child/teen/older)?

I’ll be honest. A career in science did not seem like a calling to me at a young age. I enjoyed (almost) every subject in school. I dabbled in research as an undergraduate student and ended up pursuing a graduate degree in neuroscience – that’s where my love for science took off. I think it’s important to understand that you don’t necessarily need to have that ‘calling’ to a science career. But that an interest in science can grow into a passion. Fortunately, this industry is full of opportunities, and is never boring. That’s why I love it so much – I’m still learning something new almost every day.

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