New Lexus RZ300e Comes With Longer Range And A Cheaper Price Tag

This is not the first time we’ve heard about this single-motor RZ. CarBuzz discovered a trademark filing last year related to the cheaper alternative. When asked about a possible US entry, the automaker did not turn down the idea, saying it depends on market needs and requests. However, a high-performance F Sport variant won’t likely join the range.

Of note, Lexus confirmed the introduction of the new RZ in nine countries and regions, including Central and South America.

In Japan, the new Lexus RZ300e is sold for 8,200,000 yen (or about $55,852 in current exchange rates), or 600,000 yen ($4,087) cheaper than the top-spec AWD variant. That is almost the same price difference as the FWD and AWD versions of the Toyota bZ4X in America.

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