ObvioHealth reveals new digital therapeutics API

There is an ongoing digital shift in clinical trials, and as a result, companies are continuously striving to improve both patient experience and clinical data quality.

The 21st​ Century Cures Act which became law in the US in December 2016, paved the way for companies to develop new technology that is capable of improving the treatment of serious diseases with unmet medical needs.

Using digital instruments, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, their API provides DTx sponsors with what they coin a ‘plug and play’ integration to its ObvioGo platform.

The company says it ensures by using tight integration the platform can capture more objective adherence and efficacy data and reduce the burden for clinical trial participants.

The integration reduces participant task duplication because, ObvioHealth says, in most cases, outcomes can be passively captured directly from the DTx.

“Adherence in a DTx trial isn’t as simple as recording whether a participant took a pill or didn’t. Instead, you need to capture the level of interaction between the participant and the DTx,” said Craig Gravina, chief technology officer at ObvioHealth.

“This requires data to be captured directly from the source—the DTx itself—without prompts that might influence the participant’s behavior.” 

The challenges still facing DTx clinical trials center around measuring adherence and efficacy. To determine adherence, ObvioHealth said sponsors must consider the duration and frequency of DTx use and compliance with the DTx tasks.

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