Save money on energy bills by changing the setting on your boiler

A plumber has shared a simple trick to help stretched homeowners save hundreds on their energy bills this winter, by changing one setting on their boiler.

Lowering the flow temperature on a combi boiler is a quick and efficient way to reduce energy usage without turning down the thermostat.

When the temperature of a combi boiler is lowered it can capture more what and recycle it back into the system, explains EDF Energy.

The hack was recently mentioned by TikToker @adventureofthewests, who revealed: “By simply turning down the temperature on my combi boiler just one or two degrees can save me around £60 a year.”

According to Energy Saving Trust, those with a conventional boiler and hot water cylinder can adjust by adjusting just one dial and setting.

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Those without a combi boiler will most be able to make the adjustment using two dials or settings; one for the radiators and one for the hot water.

The content creator noted: “You need to adjust the one with a picture of a radiator next to it, not the one with a picture of a tap, which is for your hot water.”

“This doesn’t even affect the temperature of my room.”

Though the hack will make little difference to the overall temperature of your house, radiators may take just a little longer to heat up.

The caption of the clip read: “Money-saving hack. Our plumber just shared this great tip with us to save around three per cent on our energy bills each year (around £5) just by turning the temperature down a couple of degrees on our combi boiler.

: It doesn’t affect our water temperature, it just means the radiators and the hot water take a tiny bit longer to heat up but I haven’t even noticed it. Why have I just learned this?”

The hack was labelled “such an easy money-saving tip” in the comments.

Experts have previously warned that roughly 10 per cent of heat loss occurs through floors, so it may be worth investing in rugs if you want to see a significant change in your energy bills.

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