Time Is Running Out To Buy A Gas-Powered Porsche 718 Cayman Or Boxster

Key Takeaways

  • Porsche plans to stop production of the combustion-powered 718 Cayman and Boxster in October 2025.
  • Electric versions of the 718 models are expected to debut next year.
  • The electric and gas models are to be produced on the same line, allowing Porsche to adapt to market demands if the EV is unpopular.

Last year, Porsche R&D boss Dr. Michael Steiner said that the automaker’s intention was to “try to overlap both [models],” referring to the current combustion-powered 718 Cayman and Boxster (codenamed 982) and their electric replacements (983). He noted that market conditions would play a role but would not be the only deciding factor in whether to allow the combustion and electric models to be sold simultaneously.

Unfortunately, that decision now appears to have been made, and the resolution is not a happy one for those who like the sound of a real engine. According to a tweet from Zerin Dube on X (formerly Twitter), the “end of production for all 982 models is currently planned for October 2025.”

Electric 718 Cayman & Boxster Coming Next Year

The battery-powered 718 models are expected to debut next year, but it’s worth noting that Porsche has the ability to change direction with little disruption to its operations. Last year, Porsche announced upgrades to its Zuffenhausen production facility, confirming that the electric 718 would be built on the same line as the gas-powered sports car thanks to what it calls a “Flexiline.”

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This will allow the same line that produces the EV to switch and produce the gas-powered model with ease, allowing Porsche to adapt to the demands of the market as it sees fit. This much is implied by the fact that the screenshot in the tweet above – allegedly from Porsche’s online dealer portal – says combustion 718 production is currently planned for October 2025; plans may change.


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The 718 Is Already Dead In Europe

The Boxster and Cayman have already been culled in Europe, but not because of emissions. Porsche says that it would have been too expensive to update the 982 to fall in line with the European Union’s latest cybersecurity laws, so instead, it simply stopped selling the cars. The same reasoning put a premature end to the combustion Macan in the EU, which has since been replaced by an all-electric alternative. Hopefully, Porsche will give us one last reason to celebrate the combustion-powered 718 before killing it for good. After all, Porsche loves a good special edition.

Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS

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