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Activision has released a big new update for Call of Duty Warzone and Modern Warfare 3. The new Warzone update makes some significant changes, although it’s not all good news. Indeed, the developer has rebalanced lots of weapons, particularly in Modern Warfare 3. The max damage for the DG-56, for example, has been reduced from 40 down to 32. Likewise, the Haymaker shotgun only does a maximum of 36 damage. Activision has also rebalanced first person and enemy footstep audio following feedback from fans. You can check out the December 14 Warzone patch notes below.

Warzone December 14 update patch notes…


Battle Royale

• Strongholds

 – A Blacksite key will only be rewarded the first time a Stronghold is completed.

 – Subsequent captures by other Squads will not reward a key.


• Redeployment

 – The Resurgence redeployment mechanic will now be disabled at the end of Circle 3.

• Public Events

 – Public Events have been disabled in Circles 1 and 2.

 – The chances for a Public Event to occur in later Circles has been adjusted.


Looking at the breadth of Weapons and Attachments on offer, some outliers were performing above expectation.

We have taken immediate steps to mitigate them to support a healthy engagement experience through the holiday break.

Assault Rifles

• DG-56 (MWIII)

 – Max Damage reduced to 32, down from 40.

• FR 5.56 (MWIII)

 – Max Damage reduced to 35, down from 43.

Battle Rifles


 – Max Damage reduced to 35, down from 39.

 – Min Damage reduced to 25, down from 27.


• COR-45 (MWIII)

 – Akimbo

  – Max Damage reduced to 30, down from 45.

• Renetti (MWIII)

 – Akimbo

  – Max Damage reduced to 22, down from 33.

  – Headshot Multiplier reduced to 1.2, down from 1.4.

Marksman Rifles

• DM56 (MWIII)

 – Max Damage reduced to 41, down from 50.

 – Min Damage reduced to 37, down from 39.

• KVD Enforcer (MWIII)

 – Headshot Multiplier reduced to 1.8, down from 2.2.

• MTZ Interceptor (MWIII)

 – Headshot Multiplier reduced to 1.5, down from 2.


 – Akimbo

  – Max Damage reduced to 70, down from 120.


• Haymaker (MWIII)

 – Max Damage reduced to 36, down from 52.

Submachine Guns

• Fennec 45 (MWII)

 – Max Damage reduced to 22, down from 25.

 – Headshot Multiplier reduced to 1.25, down from 1.35.

 – Lower Torso Multiplier reduced to 1, down from 1.1.


All Modes

• Rebalanced first person and enemy footstep audio.

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