Why Crypto Bulls Are Bullish On These 3 Undervalued BNB Tokens

BNB Smart Chain (BSC), earlier known as Binance Smart Chain, has come a long way since its launch in September 2020. The chain has seen tremendous growth in the past few years making it stand along with the top chains like Ethereum (ETH). BNB chain caters third biggest decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem among Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL), and Cardano (ADA)-like top platforms.

Over thousands of projects and tokens have chosen BNB as their native chain and are thriving to attain greatness and crypto community welfare. 

Among the huge stockpile of projects, some projects are hidden like needle in the haystack. It includes projects that are meant to revolutionize the tokenized real estate while some are making financial operations easier in DeFi. And these needs are mentioned since these are undervalued today but hold the potential to go bazooka in the future. 

For instance, tokenized real-world assets project Realio Network’s native token $RIO boasts to go 10X in value. Fundamentals of the project and growth in overall sectors give it the confidence to entertain such claims. While its counterpart $LAND token has similar traits and some additional features, it is in the position to grow even more. 

Landshare ($LAND) Redefines Tokenized Real-Estate Investment

Digital asset manager 21.co expects that the RWA tokenization market size could reach $3.5 Trillion in ‘bear case’ while going up to $10 Trillion in ‘bullish case.’ This opens up tremendous opportunities for $LAND ahead. Considering that it has slightly over $3 Million in market cap, it seems undervalued. It holds the potential to at least go 10x and could go even beyond. 

Landshare ($LAND) is a real-estate tokenizing platform based on the BNB Smart Chain. Blockchain tech-like cutting-edge technologies brought the opportunities to digitally redefine traditional investments. Real estate has been among the top preferences of investors for a much larger history of investments and hence most suitable to bring on-chain. 

Real-world asset (RWA) tokens are gaining popularity this year, and the trend is likely to remain intact for the coming years. Considering the future possibilities in RWA, Landshare becomes the obvious choice. The project is also the very first on the BNB Chain to be involved in the tokenizing of real assets. 

RWA tokens facilitate fractional ownership and on-the-go liquidity, unlike actual real-estate investments. Holding RWA tokens brings additional benefits since the value of the token increases along with the project’s size along with the user base and properties’ ownerships. 

Landshare is a project regulated in the United States and compliant with the requirements such as KYC, AML checks, and purchase agreement. The doxxed team behind the project is active and receives strong community support. 

Landshare allows the investor to browse the property online without needing to visit physically. The investment aids in the form of generating rental income in addition to the imminent growth of the property’s value.  

At present, $LAND is trading at $1.4 rising over 118% in the last seven days. In a monthly time frame, the RWA token has surged nearly 60%. Given the current trading price, $LAND token is over 200% up from the yearly low of $0.44 attained in October 2023. 

Given that the token is trading about 34% down from its yearly peak of $2.14, it suggests $LAND has enough room to grow from the present levels. 

The much-awaited RWA Token launch is also around the corner. Investors have keen eyes on the historic event. The token launch is among the potential reasons for $LAND to see the rise at present. 

$LAND token price saw a significant rise in the past few days and crucial indicators suggest the momentum may continue to rise. The current trading price of the token is above both 50- and 200-day EMA. In addition, RSI above 70 suggests Landshare token stays in the overbought zone at present. 

As a low-cap coin, $LAND holds enough room to show substantial growth in the years to come, on the same line as its counterpart $RIO which boasts to go 10X from the current value. For this to happen, a project needs innovative technology and passionate community support along with a low cap.

$LAND also possesses all these inherent features and being BNB Chain’s biggest tokenized real-estate project, it has the upper hand over the others. And so its value could swell up to ten times and even more in the coming years. 

Biswap ($BSW) Sets New Standards as Decentralized Exchange

The decentralized exchange (DEX) platform for BEP-20 tokens on BNB Chain, Biswap ($BSW), is gaining traction across the space. Biswap allows users to swap tokens on the blockchain. Among various features of the DEX platform, including high-quality services and products, is the lowest transaction fee. 

Biswap offers transaction fees as low as 0.1%, and it lures substantial attention from users. For luring attention, the exchange platform also has referral systems to bring more people onboard. Users can receive referrals through farms, launch pools, swaps, and lottery. The liquidity providers (LPs) can receive an APY of up to 80%. 

$BSW holds an utmost importance being the native token in the Biswap ecosystem. The token makes smooth trade across the platform and also brings additional benefits along with it. The Biswap community looks enthusiastic for the project to get more traction and the $BSW token to hit $10 in trading price in the upcoming bull run. 

Currently the $BSW token is trading at $0.080 after rising over 30% in the monthly time frame. The token sits over a market capitalization of $40 Million. 

The trading pattern of $BSW shows the token is in a short-term uptrend for now. The current trading price remains above the 50-day EMA while below the 200-day EMA. RSI remains close to the neutral zone but leads to a buying arena. 

DexCheck ($DCK) Simplifies Trading and Poised for Growth

Crypto trading had never been easy, and so did finding the best project to invest in. A right investment decision demands thorough research along with deep understanding. Hundreds of tools today claim to offer the best services on the go. DexCheck ($DCK), however, has succeeded in gaining significant attention from investors across markets. 

Unlike just another analytics platform, DexCheck provides advanced tools for today’s traders. The platform allows users to make informed decisions on their investments and even identifies investment opportunities. 

Where there are many projects in the DeFi space that shut down without launching even a single product, DexCheck stands apart with a functioning set of tools. The native $DCK token of Dex analytics tool provider platform brings impressive utilities and growth potential.

Currently, $DCK is trading at $0.24 after a 13% increase in the last 24 hours. $DCK token is trading at over 50% discount from its all-time high of $0.5 attained a few months back.

The token belongs to mid-cap and hence is undervalued given the offerings and utilities it provides. It has substantial room to grow and can potentially see a multiple-time growth in the coming years. 

Along with the potential, the mid-cap size is also going to support the token’s rise in the future. Historically, the small- and mid-cap tokens had been the frontrunners when the crypto market was bullish. The upcoming Bitcoin halving could be the incident to trigger the upcoming bull run. 

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