Will Carson & Barnes Pay for THIS Illegal Stunt?

Without its own license to exhibit animals, Jordan World Circus gets away with exploiting elephants and other animals in its shows by partnering with outside exhibitors to do its dirty work. The notorious Carson & Barnes Circus—whose head trainer was once caught violently striking elephants with a bullhook—is one of these seedy suppliers.

Pictured above at a 2022 Jordan World Circus event in Texas, aging elephants Viola and Kelly—supplied by Carson & Barnes—were forced to perform and give rides, despite their apparent ongoing foot and joint problems.

Carson & Barnes apparently thinks it’s above the law, because in March 2023, it provided two elephants, Viola and Kelly—the same ones who had escaped from a circus and run amok in Missourito be used in illegal public interactions at Jordan World Circus’ three-day event in Reno, Nevada.

Despite Nevada’s statute related to “dangerous wild animals”—which prohibits direct contact between elephants and members of the public—Carson & Barnes handlers forced Viola and Kelly to give rides to attendees for Jordan World Circus.

After PETA prompted an investigation into Jordan World Circus for allowing these unlawful elephant rides, local animal control officials slapped the circus with a notice of violation. But Carson & Barnes, which supplied Viola and Kelly for these events and conducted the elephant rides under its own exhibitor license, shouldn’t get off scot-free. PETA is urging the U.S. Department of Agriculture to hold Carson & Barnes accountable by terminating its license to exhibit animals. 

Carson & Barnes Supplies Cruelty

Carson & Barnes, which has been cited for more than 100 violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act—including for failing to provide animals with basic necessities such as adequate veterinary care, the minimum required space, shelter from the elements, and clean water—has long been forcing elephants to perform for Jordan World Circus. In one damning video, a Carson & Barnes trainer is shown cursing and yelling at elephants outside a Jordan World Circus show—just one example of how Carson & Barnes’ handlers torment these gentle, intelligent animals.

PETA investigation found that Carson & Barnes exhibited two elderly elephants who were showing signs of painful foot and joint problems, which are among the leading reasons that captive elephants are euthanized. Despite the obvious ailments, Jordan World Circus forces these animals to perform and give rides to the public.

What YOU Can Do

Elephants are curious social animals who share close bonds with their families and grieve for their dead loved ones. Circus trainers beat these magnificent animals into submission, routinely abusing them until their spirits are broken. Today’s compassionate consumers don’t want to support this cruelty—which is why Carson & Barnes is one of the last remaining circuses still exploiting elephants for entertainment.

You can take action for elephants and other animals abused in circuses by urging Carson & Barnes and Jordan World Circus to end all live-animal acts:

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