7 Signs Someone Is Constantly Thinking About You

Are you constantly thinking about someone and you wonder whether the other person is thinking about you too? You just met them at a friend’s house party last weekend and can’t take that person off your mind? You really want to meet that special one again and take things forward. But, at the same time, you don’t want to appear clingy and firstly, you would like to know whether your feelings are reciprocated. Don’t worry, in this article, we are going to tell you about 7 signs someone is constantly thinking about you.

“How do I know if someone is thinking about me?”- If this has become the most prominent question of your life, then you have landed at the right spot. Besides telling you if someone is constantly thinking about you, we will also talk about the spiritual and psychic signs that indicate you are in someone’s thoughts. To identify these spiritual and psychic signs, all you need to do is to observe your body and your surroundings carefully. So, let’s begin.

How Do I Know If Someone Is Thinking About Me? 7 Signs You’re Always On Their Mind

How do I know if someone is thinking about me? It’s simple. When someone constantly thinks about you, they try to be with you and forge a deep emotional connection. If they are shy, they might refrain from expressing their feelings openly. So, look for the spiritual signs someone is thinking about you.

Sometimes, people think about the person they like or are in love with. Chances are high that you are on someone’s mind and they want to forge a romantic connection. So, how to know if someone thinks about you? All you need to do is to notice the 7 signs someone is constantly thinking about you. These indications will help you realize that something is happening for a reason and it is not merely a coincidence. 

1. You catch yourself smiling for no reason

There might be times when you smile without any reason. Even when you try to resist it, you fail miserably. This happens whenever there is an instant surge of positivity and the reason could be that you are on someone’s mind. 

My former colleague Samuel smiled all of a sudden while giving a work presentation. It was not the first time it happened. Many of our colleagues saw him smiling and his body language changing out of the blue on several occasions. When asked, he said he didn’t know why it happened but later when he checked his phone, there was a text from a girl he was crushing hard on at the exact moment.

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2. You experience synchronicities in life

Synchronicities are more than wonderful coincidences. They may look random at first sight but if you try to understand they will have deep meanings. Sometimes, the universe wants to communicate with us at a subconscious level. Synchronicity is like a clear indication that someone is thinking about you. 

When you see the same person repeatedly at the most unexpected places you feel drawn to them and create a soul connection subconsciously. My friend Emma used to constantly think about her high-school classmate. Surprisingly, she used to encounter him at the most random of places. Time flew and they both fell in love. 

3. You dream about someone

One of the signs you are on his mind or signs she thinks about you is dreaming about that person. Although dreaming is a regular phenomenon and what we dream about usually depends on our day-to-day activities, if you start seeing someone often in your dreams it might be one of the clear signs that they are sending thoughts to you. 

Here I would share an example from my own life. I used to dream about my office crush quite frequently. I used to dream about us having conversations at different places. Neither I interacted with her at the office nor we were connected on any social media platforms. However, after a few months, she suddenly joined me in the cafeteria when I was having my coffee. It was like a dream come true moment for me. Since that day, I believe when a person appears in your dreams that person wants to see you.

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4. Their name pops up often in front of you

Are you spotting a particular name in the most unlikely places like newspapers and billboards? You are listening to a song that has their name and suddenly he or she is on your mind. Even while grocery shopping you hear their name and now can’t get over thinking about them? Well, this is a clear sign that someone can’t stop thinking about you. All you need to do is to be receptive enough. 

One day, my friend Sarah came to my home and told me how a name freaks her out lately. The name was Noah. She met Noah on a business trip over a week ago. They didn’t converse much except for work. And now, she is noticing Noah’s name in the most random places, whether it’s a TV ad, newspaper headline, or billboards she comes across while driving. I told her, “This could be one of the telepathy signs he is thinking of you”. Sarah didn’t agree at that time but she was surprised after receiving Noah’s call one day all of a sudden. And, guess what! They now love talking to each other.

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5. You are having the same thoughts

Did you drop a message to someone and they instantly replied “I was just thinking of texting you”? You may call it a coincidence when you think of someone and they text you. However, when it happens more than once, then it’s time to understand the signals sent by the universe. This means both of you are thinking about the same thing at the same time and there’s a deep spiritual connection. 

When I was in college, I liked a girl. I never had the guts to express my feelings for her. However, on my birthday I asked her for a movie and she said she was thinking about the same. I was ecstatically happy. This is beyond telepathic signs someone is thinking of you. 

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6. Your eyes lock with them in a crowded room

No matter how many people are there in a room, they are the first person to catch your attention. You instantly lock eyes feeling a sense of solitude even in the presence of others. There may even be some sexual tension building up in that specific direction. This is one of the telepathy signs he is thinking of you or you are on her mind. 

The other day, my childhood friend was telling me her love story. She was attending a week-long conference in Denver when her eyes met with James, who is now her husband. There were hundreds of participants though only two returned home with something special that day. 

7. You get a message or call out of the blue

When you receive a simple text or call from someone out of the blue, it is not just a random small gesture. It is one of the signs you are on his mind or signs she thinks about you lately. The message could be just ‘Hi’ or a picture of mundane activity. Whatever it is, they are thinking of you. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have picked up their phone to contact you in this fast-paced world. 

One day, my colleague Sophia received a message on Instagram from her college crush. She was surprised by that extra attention from his crush because they never spoke to each other during college days. His message read “I was actively thinking about our college days when I came across this picture of you. I am sorry but I couldn’t stop myself from acknowledging how cute you look in this.”

I hope the above-mentioned 7 signs someone is constantly thinking about you help you find your true soulmate. Next time when you think of someone and they appear, you will know better if that is a coincidence or a special message from someone. Even if you are randomly thinking of someone it might be the start of a new love story.

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11 Psychic Signs Someone Is Thinking About You

Now that you know the 7 signs someone is constantly thinking about you, it is time to understand the psychic signs someone is thinking about you. 

When you are in sync with the universe, it starts communicating to you in spiritual or psychic ways. Even our bodies emit signals to communicate with us. All we have to do is to notice them. Sometimes, psychic signs may be too subtle for you to even reflect on that. However, when it starts happening more than often, it is high time that you ponder over it. 

Over the years, people have proposed several signs sent by the universe that might be an indication that someone is thinking about you. Below, we present 11 psychic signs that someone is thinking about you. 

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1. Flushed cheeks 

When your cheeks flush without any valid reason, it is considered that someone is talking about you. At times, you start blushing for no apparent reason. This is one of the signs of heightened intuition.

2.  Bouts of sneezing

If you experience sudden bouts of sneezes without any medical conditions, it signifies that you are being badly missed by someone. In various cultures, sneezing is seen as a sign of connection between individuals who are physically apart.

3. Sudden hiccups 

Hiccups can happen due to several other reasons like nerve irritation and fast eating or drinking. People across several cultures consider random hiccups as a sign that someone is thinking about you. 

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4. Eye twitching

Eye twitching means that someone is thinking about you. However, notice whether your left eye is twitching or the right eye as it tells a lot. If a man’s right eye is twitching, it is one of the spiritual signs someone is thinking about you positively and the left eye signifies negative thoughts. For women, it is vice-versa. The right eye twitches for positive news and left-eye twitching signifies bad news.

5. Discomfort during meal 

If you begin to cough, choke or have inconvenience in gulping down food, then it is said that this happens due to tension in your subconscious mind. Traditionally people say that someone might be worried about you. It might be possible that you are feeling someone’s energy from a distance or what you are experiencing is actually soulmate energy.

6. Mood swings

You are out with your friends and having a good time — cracking jokes and laughing hysterically — and right in the middle of this, you might experience an unexplained gush of sadness that cannot be put into words. You are probably crossing someone’s mind, and perhaps your mind is filled with thoughts of that person too.

7. You find a white feather

The spiritual meaning of seeing a white feather is that your dreams will come true. Hence, if you come across a white feather while thinking about someone, then possibly that person is thinking about you too and it’s probably a sign of cosmic connection.

8. Butterfly rests on you

In multiple cultures, butterflies are seen as energy transmitters. It is also regarded that they are connected with the spiritual world, hence, if a butterfly lands on you, it is considered a psychic sign that someone might be thinking about you. It is one of the most thoughtful gifts by mother nature.

9. You find angel numbers

Angel numbers are repeating numbers that convey messages sent from the universe. If you are seeing 222 or a specific sequence of numbers throughout your day, then it could be a sign that you are in someone’s thoughts. 

10. You get goosebumps

If you get goosebumps without being triggered by any apparent reason, then probably someone is thinking about you. This sensation is more than just physical signs. It is an indication of a strong emotional connection. 

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11. You remember them out of nowhere

Do you suddenly remember someone with whom you are no longer connected? There are times when you think of someone and they appear or you are feeling someone’s presence when they are miles away. Don’t worry, it possibly means that they too are thinking about you. 

how do i know if someone is thinking about me
When this person comes to your mind out of nowhere, they are probably thinking about you

How To Handle Someone Constantly Thinking About You

Looking for the 7 signs someone is constantly thinking about you is not that difficult. However, it can be unsettling to realize that you are constantly on someone’s mind. You may even wonder, what if it borders on obsessive love?

Some psychic signs someone is thinking about you help in realization. However, it might not be easy to handle such situations when they are unwanted. Here’s how you can tackle the situation better:

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  • If you feel the same way about a person, try to engage in a conversation with them and talk about how you feel
  • Think about whether you want to take things forward or not 
  • If not, distance yourself from that person
  • Even if you wish to take it forward, set certain boundaries

Appearing on someone’s mind can be due to several reasons. It might be possible that someone is attracted to you or they have recently met you and had a good time. 

Another reason behind appearing in someone’s thoughts may be because both of you share a common interest and whenever they do that particular thing, you pop up in their minds. Whatever the reason may be, it is crucial to handle the situations effectively. 

Key Pointers

  • Do you see someone’s name quite often or catch yourself smiling for no reason? It might be possible that someone is constantly thinking about you
  • Psychic signs someone is thinking about you are too subtle to notice. For example: finding a white feather, a sudden twitch in the eye, or discomfort during the meal
  • You can notice signs you have a telepathic connection with someone if you are watchful and observant

It’s not much difficult to read signs that someone is thinking about you all the time. Mostly, it’s a pleasurable feeling, but if these signs disturb you, don’t hesitate to talk about it. In fact, you can also set boundaries and distance yourself from that person.

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